1 thought on “What can we learn from the EU/Japan Free Trade Agreement?”

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    but it is also a timely example of what can be achieved through negotiation
    That’s fair enough, but where’s the discussion of what could have been achieved at lower cost and without negotiation? I refer of course to UFT.
    I ‘m also curious to know what tariffs and quotas will remain after the 7 year period. It’s a bit of a units shift to say that EU and Japan account for 1/3rd of global GDP when the agreement presumably does not cover all the economic activity in each country. Take something as elemental as prostitution which is part of GDP – a Japanese person could not ply her or his trade in the EU. So why is this included in the comparator to say how great and big and encompassing is this deal. Better comparators are available, such as the % of world trade accounted for by the EU and Japan.

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