The IEA offers programmes, events, conferences, and resources for students and teachers


The IEA offers various internship programmes that we run throughout the year. Whichever programme you participate in, you will become part of the IEA family and be able to take part in alumni activities staged by the Institute. Interns also remain a strong part of the IEA network as alumni.

IEA Internship

3-month programme for gap year students through to Masters' students

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Editorial Internship

3-month programme for undergraduates

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EPICENTER Internship

3-month programme for undergraduates

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Global Internship

3-month programme for undergraduates

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The IEA offers several programmes for sixth formers, undergraduates, and Masters & PhD students. For questions and to get more information, email Tom Robinson at [email protected]

Future Thought Leaders' Programme (sixth form)

1 week programme for A-Level and IB students

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Economic Thought Leaders' Symposium

Aimed at undergraduates, postgraduates, and young professionals

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Freedom Week

1 week programme for gap-year students and undergraduates

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Student Resources.

If you’re looking for someone to speak at your university or society, or you’d like books and magazines to give away at Fresher’s Fair, we can help.

We regularly send our staff and research fellows to speak at universities, not only in the UK, but across Europe. And we’re usually able to pay transport costs as well as providing you with IEA books and our EA magazine.

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To find out more, please get in touch with Tom Robinson at [email protected]

IEA Competitions.

The Budget Challenge

Win £1,000 for you and your school!

Your chance to enter a team for a national competition that will help them to learn more about economics, develop their writing, research,  and analytical skills, and give them a better understanding of the policy issues and challenges facing national decision makers.


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The Dorian Fisher memorial prize

We are delighted to announce this year’s competition for A- Level and IB students, with a 1st prize of £500 and £250 each for three runners up. There is also a prize of £500 for the school with the highest number of entrants.


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Monetary Policy Essay Competition

By the Institute of Economic Affairs, the Institute of International Monetary Research, and the Vinson Centre


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The Institute of Economic Affairs is the UK’s original free-market think tank, placing ourselves at the forefront of the battle of ideas since our founding 60 years ago. Since then we’ve had a number of Nobel Prize-winning economists associated with us including Milton Friedman, Elinor Ostrom, and Friedrich Hayek.

They, like so many others, got involved with the IEA because they shared our vision to educate people on the role that markets can play in solving economic and social problems. This year’s event will be hosted on Saturday 25th June 2022 at the Royal Geographical Society in South Kensington.

Economics 101 has landed! The first in a two-part series, providing 33 films in total, will cover everything from basic economic theory to important historical case studies; guaranteeing viewers will receive a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of economics.