Catherine McBride writes for City AM

Catherine McBride, Senior Economist in the International Trade and Competition Unit at the IEA, writes for City AM on the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (Mifid) II. The regulatory reform was designed to improve competition and transparency but, Catherine argues, increases costs for smaller financial services companies, shutting them out from capital raising opportunities. Read ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

Kate Andrews appears on the BBC Radio 4's 'Across the Red Line'

Kate Andrews, Associate Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, joined the BBC Radio 4 show 'Across the Red Lines' to discuss if individualism is a virtue. Kate, who appeared alongside critic and author Sarah Ditum, suggested that individualism was a "based virtue" which other virtues can be build upon, that individualism is about being ... Continue reading

Emma Revells writes for The Telegraph

Emma Revell, Communications Manager at the Institute of Economic Affairs, writes for The Daily Telegraph on why the argument against bailing out British Steel needs to be made carefully. Emma argues that while free marketeers have the right message, the delivery risks alienating the public, pointing out that "arguing against bailing out the Scunthorpe steelworks ... Continue reading

Emma Revell speaks to ITV News

Emma Revell, Communications Manager at the IEA, spoke to ITV News on the collapse of British Steel. Emma, who comes from one of the towns which faces thousands of job losses, argues that there are many other industries who would benefit from a highly trained workforce and the priority for the government should be attracting ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton responds to Public Accounts Committee report

Commenting on a Public Accounts Committee report, which finds that apprenticeship reforms are failing to deliver, the IEA’s Editorial and Research Fellow Prof Len Shackleton said: “The failure of the government’s policy on apprenticeships, like so many other schemes in the past, is no surprise; it was widely predicted. The levy has turned out to ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Philip Booth speaks to Sky News

Philip Booth, IEA Senior Academic Fellow, appeared on Sky News' Ian King Live to discuss the potential collapse of British Steel. Philip argued that steel is no longer a key strategic industry for Britain, with much steel used in the country actually imported and that protecting the industry is damaging to the economy because it ... Continue reading

Mark Littewood writes for The Times

Mark Littlewood, IEA Director-General, writes in the Times - following the cancellation of the Jeremy Kyle Show - that society needs to open up a serious debate and who and what we mean by the term 'vulnerable'. Mark argues that instead of insulating swathes of the population from making their own decisions, we need to ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Mark Littlewood quoted in The Telegraph

New plans to support the British steel industry are "nothing more than protectionism by the back door" argues Mark Littlewood in the Telegraph. Following the announcement of a UK Steel Charter to "promote and facilitate the use of UK produced steel", the IEA Director-General is quoted as saying "public sector procurement should prioritise value for ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz quoted in the Telegraph

Labour's plans to renationalise swathes of industies and organisations at a price determined by Parliament would set the UK on a path towards Venezuela, reports The Telegraph. Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy at the IEA, is quoted saying a below-cost price nationalisation would send "an absolutely terrible signal to markets" taking us "halfway to ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton quoted in the Daily Mail

Peter Oborne quotes an IEA fellow in his Daily Mail column which sets out the dangers posed by a Corbyn premiership. Oborne highlights Labour's plans to raise the minimum wage up to £10 an hour and include under 18s in the rise, quoting Professor Len Shackleton, Editorial Fellow at the IEA, who believes "such a ... Continue reading