Kate Andrews quoted in the Daily Express

Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, has been quoted in the Daily Express. Kate Andrews, of the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: "When it comes to consumer choice, there is no better year to be alive than 2019." "Whether you're enjoying a staycation in the beautiful English countryside, or jetting off ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for City AM

In a City AM piece, Kate Andrews IEA Associate Director, writes on news sources reporting that NHS South East London is denying single woman access to IVF treatment. "Your postcode will determine whether you get rushed to an outstanding hospital or a failing one. Conveniently, the one across the road from parliament often ranks in ... Continue reading

IEA research quoted in Spiked

IEA research, Cooking for Bureaucrats, has been quoted in a piece by Spiked. "As a new paper by Josie Appleton for the Institute of Economic Affairs, Cooking for Bureaucrats, notes, Whitehall’s reformulation policies for food have gone mad." "Targets are often contradictory, would ruin the products concerned (as we have already seen with some sugary ... Continue reading

Dr Richard Wellings quoted in The Sun

Dr Richard Wellings welcomed the government's review of HS2, saying "the economic case for it never made much sense". Richard, Head of Transport at the Institute of Economic Affairs, is quoted in The Sun arguing the review should "compare how the current HS2 budget could be spent in other ways. Lower taxes, less regulation, and ... Continue reading

Dr Richard Wellings quoted in the Financial Times

Dr Richard Wellings, IEA Head of Transport, is quoted in the Financial Times, responding to the announcement that the government has launched a review into the future of HS2. “There’s a large chance the project will be descoped,” said Dr Wellings, “[t]hey will look for ways to keep the costs down.” Read the full piece ... Continue reading

HS2 was flawed project from the start, says Dr Richard Wellings

Commenting on the Government’s announcement to review the costs and benefits of rail project HS2, the IEA’s Head of Transport Dr Richard Wellings said: “HS2 was a flawed project from the start. The economic case for it never made much sense, which explains why the rationale for the rail project keeps changing. “We should welcome ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood quoted in the Daily Telegraph

Workers are being mislead by reports comparing chief executive salaries to average wages says Mark Littlewood, IEA Director-General. Mark is quoted in the Daily Telegraph responding to figures from the High Pay Centre and CIPD, saying workers are being lead "to believe that cuts at the top end will directly translate to top-ups at the ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood comments on report from the High Pay Centre

Commenting on the High Pay Centre’s analysis of FTSE 100 CEO salaries, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood said: “Comparing CEO salaries to the average salary serves to stoke public hostility, as a means of pressuring companies to cut salaries at the top. “Not only does this gimmick flirt with the ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

Chris Snowdon writes for Spiked

Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at The Institute of Economic Affairs, has written a piece for Spiked. The piece discusses the recent Public Health England targets to cut salt, sugar and calories in food. "Of all the bad policies that have flown under the radar while the country has been consumed by Brexit, none ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

IEA research quoted in The Times

IEA research has been quoted in The Times. The piece discusses Britain's demographic shift. "An increase in life expectancy and a decrease in fertility mean that older people make up a growing proportion of the population. More than half of adults will be aged above 50 by 2035." "According to a report by the Institute of ... Continue reading