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IEA reacts to Scottish Courts' ruling on minimum alcohol pricing

Commenting on the Scottish Courts’ ruling to back minimum alcohol pricing, Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs said: “This is bad news for drinkers in Scotland and is a worrying precedent for consumers of other products. The court has decided that EU free trade rules can be sacrificed in … Continue reading “Ruling on minimum alcohol pricing sets a bad precedent”

IEA features in The Telegraph View

The IEA has been referenced in the Telegraph View column today which urges Theresa May to be bold, take advantage of her and her party’s unthreatened position and deliver on a vision of a new country. In the article the author observes that Mrs May will need sharp new ideas and the advisers to provide … Continue reading “Be bold, Prime Minister. You might not get a chance as good as this again”