Past Events

  • 01/12/2016
The IEA is delighted to co-sponsor this conference with The Acton Institute and the Benedict XVI Centre for Religion and Society at St Mary's University, Twickenham. For full information visit the Acton Institute website here. To register to attend, click here. Registering is essential. Speakers will include Professor Rémi Brague, Sir Roger Scruton, and the ... Continue reading

A 2016 Beesley Lecture on telecommunication regulation

  • 24/11/2016
The telecoms market is in a period of transition both in the UK and across Europe, with the Ofcom Strategic Review and wider concerns around consolidation and convergence prompting a change in policy towards the industry. With the growing importance of digital in the modern world this is a critical issue for continued success in ... Continue reading
  • 17/11/2016
The IEA is delighted to invite you to a discussion of migration controls and whether any form of limit or barrier is compatible with a free society. With Brexit, the refugee crisis, and the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency all looming, it should be a fascinating and timely discussion. The event will coincide with ... Continue reading

A 2016 Beesley Lecture on transport regulation

  • 17/11/2016
Speaker: Tom Worsley, Visiting Fellow in Transport Policy, University of Leeds Respondent: Philip Graham, Chief Executive, National Infrastructure Commission Please be aware this event is not administered by the IEA and there is a fee charged for attending. If you wish to attend you must register at the link below If you would like to ... Continue reading
  • 10/11/2016
The IEA is delighted to invite you to attend a ‘Future Freedom Film Screening’ aimed at under 30s. The film will be: “Eye in the Sky” About the film Col. Katherine Powell, a military officer in command of an operation to capture terrorists in Kenya, sees her mission escalate when a girl enters the kill ... Continue reading

A 2016 Beesley Lecture on water regulation

  • 10/11/2016
The water industry is entering an exciting period of change, with non-domestic competition arriving in 2017 and ongoing talk of domestic competition for 2020. Alongside this upstream competition remains a key focus for Ofwat over the next few years. This lecture will explore how these changes will affect the way the industry works, and what ... Continue reading

A 2016 Beesley Lecture on energy regulation

  • 03/11/2016
The CMA’s final report in June represented a significant moment of change for how the energy market works, with a series of remedies to increase competition and customer engagement across the industry. This lecture will outline what the impact of the CMA’s remedies will be, and how the future regulatory landscape will look. Speaker: Dermot ... Continue reading
  • 03/11/2016
On Thursday 3rd November, the newly-established Institute of International Monetary Research will be holding a full-day conference at the Institute of Economic Affairs, on the subject of Quantitative Easing:- Triumph or folly? Banks and central banks play a central role in the sound functioning of modern monetary economies. The 2008-09 Global Financial Crisis has shown again ... Continue reading

A 2016 Beesley Lecture on behavioural economics

  • 27/10/2016
Behavioural economics has become a key part of policy-making in recent years, and a number of UK regulators have drawn on its insights in their regulatory decisions. There has particularly been a focus on customer signalling and the guidance of customer behaviour, especially in light of both the retail banking and energy market CMA investigations. ... Continue reading

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