Donate from USA

The American Friends of the IEA is an independent non-profit organisation with US 501(c)(3) status.

If you are making your donation as an individual from a US income source, you can do so in dollars by check or by transfer:

By check

Please make your check payable (in USD) to “American Friends of the IEA” and send to:

American Friends of the IEA
c/o Cindy Cerquitella
Atlas Network
1201 L Street NW
Washington DC 20005

By transfer:

AFIEA Bank Details:

Account number:             2050000360196
Account Name:                 American Friends of the IEA
Bank Name:                       Wells Fargo
Bank Routing:

For Domestic Wire:          121000248

For Direct deposit; electronic payments:   051400549

Bank Address: 420 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 95104


Please contact our Development Office at +44 207 799 8908 or email [email protected] for more details.

We rely entirely on donations from individuals, corporations and charitable foundations – we don’t accept or seek a penny from government.

If you believe in low taxes, free markets, a small state and the freedom to make decisions about how you run your life, we hope you’ll consider donating to the IEA.