Christopher Snowdon responds to new consultation on junk food

Commenting on the launch of the new consultation to ban 'junk food' advertisements, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs Christopher Snowdon said: "If politicians can agree on nothing else at the moment, they are united by their desire to ban things. The Government's domestic agenda seems to have been outsourced to Jamie Oliver. ... Continue reading

IEA release report on offshore financial centres

Corporate taxes are inefficient at raising revenue and have many more costs attached to them than most other taxes, a new report from the IEA argues. Politicians and campaigners tend to favour high corporation tax rates, on the understanding that the costs are borne by companies and not people. The new report “All at Sea: ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

IEA spokespeople comment on Spring Statement public policy

Commenting on the Chancellor's economic planning for a potential 'no-deal' scenario, Economics Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs Julian Jessop said: "Even if MPs vote tonight to take 'no-deal' off the table, it would remain a possibility.  "In planning for such an event, the Chancellor's instinct consistently seems to be to spend money rather than cut ... Continue reading

IEA publishes new briefing on 'junk food'

A new briefing paper from the Institute of Economic Affairs out today shows that many more food and drink products will be caught up in the government’s clampdown on ‘junk food’ than the public expects. This timely briefing comes in the same week that the food delivery company Farmdrop had a tube advert rejected by Transport for ... Continue reading

IEA releases the next in a series of research on use of public money to lobby government

Following on from research published between 2012 and 2014, a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs finds that the use of public money to oppose free market policies has become less blatant in England, while remaining common occurrence in Scotland, Wales, and the European Union. The report “Hand in Glove? A re-examination of ... Continue reading

IEA releases new, comprehensive book on socialism

Today the Institute of Economic Affairs unveils a new book from our Head of Political Economy Dr Kristian Niemietz: ‘Socialism: the failed idea that never dies’. This one-of-a-kind, comprehensive book systematically charts the rise and fall of some of the most prolific socialist experiments in history – from the Soviet Union and Maoist China, to ... Continue reading

A IEA new report on the UK's housing crisis

If a tenth of designated Green Belt land around Greater London were used for new housing, 160,000 new homes could be produced - a significant contribution to solving the urgent housing crisis in the capital, argues a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs. The report, “Delivering More Homes: Radical action to unblock the system”, argues that ... Continue reading

A note from IEA Chairman Neil Record

In response to the Charity Commission issuing the Institute of Economic Affairs with an Official Warning, Chairman of the IEA’s Board of Trustees Neil Record said: “The Institute of Economic Affairs is disappointed that the Charity Commission has issued us with an official warning for the publication and launch of a trade paper in September 2018. ... Continue reading

IEA release report on the effect of a "No-Deal" Brexit on food supply

Today the Institute of Economic Affairs launches another briefing in its series of ‘no-deal’ Brexit Fear-Checkers to help separate theoretical risks from reality; Project Fear from Project Fact. These short briefings look at a particular warning about the impact of leaving the EU without a deal, assess the problem, and outline what can be done to fix ... Continue reading

IEA responds to the latest Lancet report

Responding to calls in The Lancet for a global treaty to mandate tobacco-style regulation of food and soft drinks, Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs said: “This is the final vindication for those us who have warned about the slippery slope of regulation. Nanny state zealots are no longer ... Continue reading