Trade, Development, and Immigration

IEA releases briefing ahead of President Trump's visit to the UK

Ahead of President Trump's visit to the UK, the Institute of Economic Affairs has released a briefing setting out why a timely US-UK trade deal will help post-Brexit Britain to set out its stall as a global champion of free trade. At this juncture of the Brexit negotiations, it is vitally important for Her Majesty's Government and ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

IEA reacts to the Government's statement from Chequers

Commenting on HMG's statement from Chequers, Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: "Tonight's statement offers up many more questions than answers. How far, in practice, would UK regulations be able to diverge from the EU's, or have we just regained control in order to copy their rulebook? And how would a ... Continue reading

IEA comments on the NHS's 70th birthday

On the 70th birthday of the NHS, Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs, says: "The National Health Service is one year older, but none the wiser. No level of adoration or praise around its 70th anniversary can gloss over the fact that the system’s poor performance is costing thousands of lives each year. ... Continue reading

IEA releases briefing on NHS performance

Ahead of the NHS’s 70th birthday, a new IEA briefing highlights how the poor performance of the NHS is costing thousands of lives every year. Available data shows that the NHS is an international laggard on many key measures including health outcomes, survival rates and waiting times. IEA research finds that if UK cancer patients ... Continue reading

IEA releases new report on cannabis legalisation

A new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs finds that the current black market in cannabis is worth £2.6 billion per annum, with 255 tonnes sold to three million users in 2016/17. Based on the latest figures, the IEA’s report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date assessment of the size of the UK’s cannabis ... Continue reading

IEA reacts to Government's announcement of funding boost for the NHS

Commenting on the Government's plan to increase NHS funding, Jamie Whyte, Research Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said: "The Conservatives are kicking an extremely expensive can down the road by refusing to couple increased healthcare spending with fundamental reform of the NHS. "Any injection of cash would give a short-term boost to the NHS, but ... Continue reading

ITCU Advisory Council comes to the UK

The Advisory Council members of the recently launched IEA International Trade and Competition Unit will be in London and available for comment and interview from Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd June. The group brings in a wealth of expertise in trade and competition issues from around the world. •    Sir Lockwood Smith: Former speaker of ... Continue reading

IEA releases report on insurance market regulation

Heavy-handed regulation of insurance companies is unnecessary, expensive and should be rolled back post-Brexit. Reducing risk comes at a cost, introduces complexity and can be counterproductive. Implementation of the EU’s Solvency II cost insurance companies and ultimately policyholders £2.6 billion with an ongoing cost of £196 million every year. The rigid regulations imposed by the ... Continue reading

IEA releases report debunking the myths surrounding the purposes of tax havens

The popular account of offshore financial centres as hotbeds of tax evasion is an outdated caricature that bears little resemblance to how OFCs operate. A new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs debunks a number of myths surrounding OFCs – or tax havens – and outlines the important economic function they play in a ... Continue reading

IEA announces new member of the Board of Trustees

The Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK’s leading free-market think tank, today announces an addition to its board of trustees. Jon Moynihan OBE is the former CEO and Executive Chairman of PA Consulting. He is a venture capitalist who chaired the Vote Leave Finance Committee. He was also the first chair of Vote Leave’s Campaign ... Continue reading