Professor Len Shackleton comments on Labour plans

Commenting on Labour's consideration to scrap discounted business rates for independent schools and impose VAT on fees, IEA Editorial Fellow Professor Len Shackleton said: "This proposal is unlikely to raise the sums suggested, as some independent schools will close while others may relocate abroad - a plausible scenario given the rising proportion of overseas students ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

Mark Littlewood responds to the Spending Review

Responding to the Chancellor's Spending Review, IEA Director General Mark Littlewood, said: “The Chancellor has promised the fastest increase in day-to-day spending in 15 years, with every single government department due to get an increase next year. But turning on the taps - totalling £13.8bn of additional spending commitments thus far – does risk undermining ... Continue reading
The Institute of Economic Affairs, the UK’s leading free-market think tank, today announces the appointment of a new Academic and Research Director, Professor Syed Kamall. The IEA’s mission is to improve understanding of the fundamental institutions of a free society by analysing and expounding the role of markets in solving economic and social problems. In ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood comments on the Shadow Chancellor's pre-spending review speech

Commenting on Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s pre-spending review speech, Director General of the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood said: "John McDonnell is right that a long-term vision for spending priorities is better for the economy than tinkering at the edges. But his criticism of the Prime Minister’s spending splurge is the wrong one.  "Having finally ... Continue reading

HS2 was flawed project from the start, says Dr Richard Wellings

Commenting on the Government’s announcement to review the costs and benefits of rail project HS2, the IEA’s Head of Transport Dr Richard Wellings said: “HS2 was a flawed project from the start. The economic case for it never made much sense, which explains why the rationale for the rail project keeps changing. “We should welcome ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood comments on report from the High Pay Centre

Commenting on the High Pay Centre’s analysis of FTSE 100 CEO salaries, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood said: “Comparing CEO salaries to the average salary serves to stoke public hostility, as a means of pressuring companies to cut salaries at the top. “Not only does this gimmick flirt with the ... Continue reading

New report on food reformulation plans which seek to reduce the per capita consumption of sugar, salt, and calories

The government’s food reformulation agenda encourages companies to design recipes that please Public Health England (PHE) and ignore the tastes and preferences of consumers, in a move labelled as “the largest extension of state control over the British diet since rationing” in a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs. The report, Cooking for Bureaucrats, sets out the extent ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews responds to PM's cash boost for the NHS

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s £1.8 billion cash boost to NHS frontline services, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs Kate Andrews said: "How many more billions of pounds will be funneled into the National Health Service before politicians admit the system itself is broken and decades overdue for reform? "It remains unclear how Mr ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration

Victoria Hewson comments on the creation of up to ten Freeports after Brexit

Commenting on the announcement that up to ten Freeports will be created after the UK leaves the EU, the Institute of Economic Affairs' Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson said: "Done right, Freeports can be transformative. This announcement sends a strong message that the UK is serious about embracing the freedoms that come with leaving the ... Continue reading

Reforms include reforms to the planning system and lower taxes

Today the Institute of Economic Affairs publishes a report, co-authored by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP, that proposes a programme of free-market reforms to help tackle the UK’s housing crisis. This new academic paper – written by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP and IEA author Radomir Tylecote – will serve as the foreword to a larger collection of essays, ... Continue reading