Christopher Snowdon writes for The Telegraph

Legislating for a climate change target which is not possible now and may not be possible in future is "fatuous at best and irresponsible at worst", writes Christopher Snowdon in The Telegraph. Chris, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, criticising the House of Commons for passing - without a vote - ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood quoted in the Daily Mail

John McDonnell announced yesterday that Labour would give the Bank of England the power to remove companies from the London Stock Exchange if they do not tackle climate change and invest in policies which "kill the planet". Mark Littlewood, Director-General of the Institute of Economic Affairs, is quoted in the Daily Mail opposing the plans, ... Continue reading

Kristian Nietmietz writes for Conservative Home

Venezuela is a popular example in the battle against socialism but some want to remove it from the debate, arguing it has little relevance to the general public. Kristian Nietmietz, author of 'Socialism: The Failed Idea That Never Dies', believes that while Venezuela fails as a "rhetorical trump card" and "poor substitute for an actual ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for City A.M.

"They say once is a coincidence, twice is an accident, three times is a pattern" and as the government delays introducing the so-call 'Porn Laws' for a third time, Kate Andrews, Associate Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, argues they should use the delay as an opportunity to reconsider. Kate argues the new laws, which ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

The Left is still exercising ambiguity on Cuba, writes Kristian Niemietz for CapX. This week, John McDonnell gave a speech at a "Garden Party for Cuba", proclaiming them socialist comrades, despite two weeks ago suggesting Cuba, Venezuela, and the former Soviet Union were "never socialism". Kristian notes that while most socialist experiments go through three ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon quoted in The Sun

Alcohol will be required to carry warnings about the dangers of boozing according to plans set out by the Labour Party. Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs, is quoted in The Sun arguing against the move, saying “most adults don’t need scary stickers on the side of a pint ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for The Spectator

ITV's decision to ban all-male writing teams is "virtue-signalling" which will do nothing to improve the treatment of women on writing roles and women's' representation in comedy, argues Kate Andrews, IEA Associate Director. Writing for The Spectator, Kate argues that while ITV is free to do as it pleases in its writing rooms - the ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics

IEA research quoted in the Independent

As police officers discover £3m of marijuana in a disused bingo hall in Northamptonshire, a light is being shone on the illegal cannabis market. The Independent quoted research from the Institute of Economic Affairs which estimated the UK's illicit cannabis market to be worth £2.5bn a year. 'Joint Venture', published in June 2018, aimed to ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Britain's tax burden as a proportion of national income is at its highest for almost fifty years so - however Brexit is resolved - the next prime minister will need to address it, argues Mark Littlewood, IEA Director-General, in his fortnightly column for The Times newspaper. Mark highlights the presentational issue with tax cuts - ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for the Sunday Express

Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs, welcomes recent comments from senior politicians which show a renewed focus on cutting taxes and reducing the state burden on the taxpayer. Writing for the Sunday Express, Kate highlights examples of proposed cuts to income tax and National Insurance contributions as ways to boost the ... Continue reading