IEA features in The Telegraph View

The IEA has been referenced in the Telegraph View column today which urges Theresa May to be bold, take advantage of her and her party’s unthreatened position and deliver on a vision of a new country. In the article the author observes that Mrs May will need sharp new ideas and the advisers to provide … Continue reading “Be bold, Prime Minister. You might not get a chance as good as this again”

Ryan Bourne appears on Daily Politics

Ryan Bourne has appeared on the Daily Politics Show to discuss food prices post-Brexit with Nick Clegg MP. In the interview Ryan argues that in the long term what will determine food prices in this country are the structural factors underlying the market. Food prices will be higher if we adopt the EU’s common external … Continue reading “Abolish protectionism to create productive agricultural sector”

IEA Breakthrough Prize features in City AM

The launch of the IEA’s new nationwide competition in search of ways to reduce poverty has been reported in City AM. The article describes how the IEA, partnered with Richard Koch, is on the lookout for a single idea “that will exuberantly and openly seek new, exciting free market solutions to improve the prosperity of … Continue reading “Have a free-market solution to poverty? Enter IEA Breakthrough Prize”

Mark Littlewood comments in The Sun

The IEA has been quoted in The Sun following the announcement that a decision on airport expansion will be delayed until next year. In the article Mark Littlewood makes the point that yet another delay on airport expansion is a severe blow for our struggling aviation industry, business and consumers alike. Read the full article … Continue reading “Delaying airport expansion decision a blow for struggling aviation industry”

Mark Littlewood comments on the front page of The Times

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented on the front page of The Times on the news that the government is yet again delaying a decision on airport expansion. In the article Mark argues that yet another delay in airport expansion is a severe blow for our struggling aviation industry, … Continue reading “Yet another delay on airport expansion is a severe blow”

New IEA research features in the Daily Mail

The IEA’s new report on farming regulation has featured in the Daily Mail. The article cites IEA research that finds Brexit could cut food prices as farmers will be freed from Brussels red tape. The UK was on track to be hit with additional compliance costs worth up to £7.5 billion a year before it … Continue reading “Brexit will free farmers from expensive regulation”

Ryan Bourne writes for City AM

Ryan Bourne, Head of Public Policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for City AM on Nick Clegg’s comments that Brexit will mean much higher prices for consumers. Ryan argues that the EU not only subsidises EU-wide agricultural production through the protectionist Common Agricultural Policy and enforces expensive regulations to try to keep … Continue reading “No, Nick Clegg: A true liberal knows Brexit should slash UK food prices”

New IEA report features in The Daily Express

New IEA research that finds the EU’s CAP is constraining agricultural productivity has featured on the front page of the Daily Express. In the article the report’s findings that Brexit would let the UK avoid the EU’s costly agricultural regulations which are likely to make food prices shoot up, are quoted. The CAP is the … Continue reading “CAP is constraining agricultural productivity”

New IEA report features in The Guardian

The IEA’s new research on agricultural regulations and the savings that could be made if we get rid of them have featured in The Guardian. The report argues that Brussels has fallen victim to intense lobbying by pressure groups which benefit from tighter rules on food standards, animal welfare and the environment. These rules often … Continue reading “Ditching agricultural regulations could outweigh EU tariff costs”