Professor Philip Booth writes for CapX

Free marketeers are reluctant to consider higher taxes to pay for the government's current corona-related spending but they should be "more allergic to the narrative of fiscal stimulus, with its subliminal message that we are getting something for nothing", says Professor Philip Booth, Senior Academic Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Writing for CapX, ... Continue reading
Labour Market

Emma Revell writes for City A.M.

Studies show working from home can have a positive effect on productivity and lead to a reduction in sick leave but we shouldn't expect coronavirus to revolutionise our working lives, says Emma Revell, Head of Communications at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Writing for City A.M., Emma argues that those suggesting we may never return ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton writes for The Telegraph

For the "great majority" of those locked-down at home, normal working is impossible, writes IEA Editorial and Research Fellow Prof Len Shackleton for The Telegraph. We should be looking at "incentivising and acommodating" people into different sectors of the economy, where there are vacancies such as farming or in the NHS. Read the full article ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

Prof Len Shackleton quoted in The Times

"We shouldn't expect a boom in working from home once the current restrictions are lifted" said the IEA's Editorial and Research Fellow Prof Len Shackleton following the release of his new IEA report, 'Pass the Romote: Why we can't all work from home'. Quoted by The Times, Len said "we should be clear that, for ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted in the Yorkshire Post

Commenting on Chancellor Rishi Sunak’s plans to support the self-employed during the Covid-19 pandemic Julian Jessop, IEA Economics Fellow, said: "the Chancellor has done a good job in drawing up a sensible package to support the selfemployed, who are a relatively diverse group of people with different needs and different levels of engagement with the ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson writes for The Telegraph

Coronavirus proves that “there really is such as thing a society” said the Prime Minister in a video message last night, as he paid tribute to the efforts of public and private sector workers, volunteers, and the British people for complying with instructions to stay at home. But as the IEA's Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted by The Sun

Following claims by Jeremy Corbyn that the measures taken to support the economy during the coronavirus pandemic show he was right to push high public spending during the general election Julian Jessop, Economics Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, said "As usual, he’s missing the point." Quoted by The Sun, Julian said "The current ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

Economic nationalists and “communitarians” who are feeling vindicated by the coronavirus pandemic, claiming globalisation is responsible for its spread, are "generic, anti-capitalist rants" who tell us nothing about the virus and its impact, says Dr Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Writing for CapX, Kristian argues "COVID-19 does not ... Continue reading

Annabel Denham writes for City AM

The decision to suspend gender pay gap reporting in 2020 is welcome, but the requirement was never needed to begin with, says IEA Director of Communications, Annabel Denham. Taking part in a debate column for City AM, Annabel argues that the data "has served only to mislead and feed a narrative that, no matter what ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop quoted by NewsWeek

"The objective is that we actually want a recession because we want people to stop what they would normally do. We need to accept the economy is going to contract sharply, we need to accept that it is going to happen. It is what we want given that we want social distancing to limit the ... Continue reading