1 thought on “The housing crisis is pushing Brits towards the spectre of 1970s socialism”

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    It’s more a population crisis than a housing crisis. The population is now increasing by 500,000 a year: 300,000 due to net migration and the remainder due to the excess (due to recent immigration) of births over deaths. I’m guessing 500,000 represents around 200-250,000 new houses a year, before tackling any current problems, so good luck with that. Even if, for some reason unfathomable to me, continued population growth at this rate is deemed to raise our quality of life, it is a matter of logic and arithmetic that, at some point, it certainly won’t. When we reach that point: 70 million, 80 million, 90 million, the same arguments – who will look after the ageing population etc., will apply. Yet a different solution – look towards Japan, hasten automation, for example, will need to be found. Wouldn’t it be more sensible to apply that different solution right now? The inevitable water rationing sometime during the next few years should concentrate minds.

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