3 thoughts on “We are capitalists – you’re welcome!”

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    Kate, I’m on your side, but one of the things that may be confusing people is the left – right spectrum itself. How can conservatives perseude when fascism is seen as far right and conservativism a little to the left of it. It seems that the spectrum was defined by those on the left and that fascism was placed purposely and falsely at its antithesis. To me the arrow points from left to right in the direction of increasing individual freedom and conversly in the direction of state control, placing fascists and commies on the hard left. To me the far right are nut job psycopaths who place no value on society and would go around in gangs monstering ordinary folk. Horrible bastards who couldnt organise a piss up in a brewery and would gladly kill their own mothers.

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    The flaw in this discussion is always that capitalism is treated as an ideology. The word was invented by the left to have a group name to disparage. If society is left to its own devices trading amongst people is automatically established – it does not need any convincing or force for participants to exchange goods or labour. Communism can only be an ideology as it forces all people to participate.

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