Kate Andrews writes for City AM

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for City AM on capitalism. While communism has sent tens of millions to their deaths, capitalism has lifted over one billion people out of poverty in a quarter of a century alone. Free enterprise has raised our standard of living in miraculous ways, ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews appears on Spectator podcast

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on a Spectator podcast to whether Communism is still in vogue alongside Aaron Bastani. Communism often is not sold as what it actually means or is. Often people reference the Scandinavian countries as something to emulate, socialism and there is an idea that ... Continue reading

IEA releases primer on capitalism

Summary:  It is hard to find a book that explains, simply and fairly, what capitalism is, how it works, and its strengths and weaknesses. The very word capitalism was coined as a term of abuse. And still today, most books on the subject remain hostile to capitalism, or paint a distorted, confused picture of it. ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
Opinion pieces which tell us to stop obsessing over socialism’s past failures, and start to get excited about its future potential, have almost become a genre in its own right. Socialism is, literally, in Vogue. For example, Bhaskhar Sunkara, the founder of Jacobin magazine, recently wrote a New York Times article, in which he claimed that ... Continue reading
Markets and Morality

Shanker Singham writes for City AM

Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA's International Trade and Competition Unit has written for City AM on how free markets and competition need to be promoted by today's politicians. It’s critical for Conservatives, particularly in government, to make the case that pro-competitive reforms are good for the economy, and will create long-term wealth, even though ... Continue reading

Clamping down on offshore financial centres would not raise tax revenue

Summary:  Offshore financial centres (OFCs) are alleged to be hotbeds of tax evasion. Their role in facilitating individual and corporate tax planning, which is entirely legal but politically controversial, has also come under the spotlight. However, OFCs play an important economic function. By mitigating instances of double and triple taxation, offshore centres raise aggregate investment. ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
Plenty of theologians and Christian leaders have become animated by the temptations of money. According to St Paul, the love of money is the root of all evil. Pope Francis has insisted that “money has to serve, not to rule”. But what is money? In fact, it has a relatively mundane function. In simple terms, ... Continue reading

Insights from an Economic Contrarian

Introduction: In the summer of 2012, I was invited to write a weekly opinion column for City A.M. newspaper. It is a free, business-focused newspaper, launched in 2005, and is distributed at more than 250 commuter hubs across London and the Home Counties, as well as 1,600 offices throughout the City, Canary Wharf and other ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

New IEA briefing features in The Times

A new IEA briefing on the Melrose takeover of GKN has featured in The Times. The briefing makes the case that Government interference in Melrose’s £8 billion takeover of GKN would be counterproductive. Shareholders, not politicians, should decide how to run their businesses as they have the most at stake. Preventing them from doing so ... Continue reading