1 thought on “Note to academics: disagree with economic liberalism all you want, but quit the straw-manning”

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    Sure, critiques of market fundamentalism might be shallow and strawmen if market fundamentalism is entirely Hayekian, but it isn’t right? Market liberalism (or neoliberalism) has evolved, been twisted if you will, and can hardly be considered Austrian at all anymore, if it ever was. Criticisms of market fundamentalism that target issues like ‘homo economicus’ might be strawmen if market liberalism comprised the full and entire summation of every thinker who has influenced the phenomenon’s thoughts; obviously this is not the case, as there are methodological and ideological contradictions between Hayek, Friedmann, Gary Becker and Sowell. The Austrian term of ‘praxeology’, which is pretty important for Austrian economists is distinctly absent from debates about neoliberalism/market fundamentalism purely because it isn’t a part of it. Given this, then, what these critics target is not Hayek and Mises in their entirety, nor Friedmann and Chicago economists in their totality, but the sociological phenomenon that takes aspects of ideas from all of the above.

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