Government has taken a pickaxe to our freedoms over the course of this pandemic, tirelessly chipping away at our basic liberties with restrictions ranging from the reasonable to the ridiculous. And in response to this creeping authoritarianism the public’s freedom muscle has atrophied to such a degree that even human rights barristers no longer seem ... Continue reading
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Facebook users are currently being deluged with warnings on their timelines about exposure to extremist content. They are invited to access specialist support to cleanse them of harm and refer recently red-pilled friends for intervention. This is not an unlikely phishing scam, it is Facebook HQ’s attempt to address the political class’s monster of the ... Continue reading
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Is China’s social credit system about to make its debut in the UK?  Boris Johnson’s decision to cave into the latest New Left inspired moral panic over racism in football by lending his support to the demand that people who engage in racist abuse online be identified and banned from attending matches for ten years, ... Continue reading
My colleague Kristian Niemietz recently commissioned an opinion poll to get the measure of Millennials and Zoomers. He concluded that their economic views are irredeemably left-wing and that, unlike previous generations, Millennials are showing little sign of abandoning their bad opinions as they march towards middle age. Kristian is broadly correct. Fashionable views about capitalism ... Continue reading
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The Runnymede Trust (RT), an education charity and think tank on race equality and race relations, has published a report for submission to the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. The England Civil Society report, funded by a public body – the Equality and Human Rights Commission, sets out points of disagreement with ... Continue reading
The 21st century offers people more opportunities than ever before to communicate ideas and opinions. Technology enables us all to make our views known via social media, online comments pages, blogs and YouTube. Individuals can research issues online in greater depth and with less effort than previous generations could ever have dreamt of. And we ... Continue reading
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IEA research covered in The London Economic

The London Economic has reported IEA research 'Left turn ahead', authored by Head of Political Economy, Dr Kristian Niemietz. The report includes polling which suggests younger people are more hostile to capitalism and favour socialist alternatives. The article quotes Kristian saying his paper should act as a "wake-up call" for supporters of the market economy. ... Continue reading
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IEA research features in The Big Issue

New research by IEA Head of Political Economy, Kristian Niemietz, was reported in The Big Issue. The research includes polling which suggests that younger people are more hostile to capitalism and favour socialist alternatives. Kristian was quoted in the article saying: "Supporters of the market economy need to accept that challenge and rise to it, ... Continue reading

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

IEA Head of Media, Emily Carver, has penned her bi-weekly article for Conservative Home on new IEA research which suggests young people are hostile to capitalism and embrace socialist ideas. Emily argued "negative feeling towards capitalism is only going to strengthen unless young people feel they are being served by the system". This means we ... Continue reading
If you are a classical liberal, a conservative, or even a centre-left social democrat who likes to argue on Twitter, you will have noticed that your views are not especially popular on that platform. The spectrum of acceptable Twitter opinion only seems to range from “Tankies” (i.e. full-on Stalinist/Maoists) on the Left to standard Guardianistas ... Continue reading