Our concept of a “public servant” goes far beyond the official definition. In the US, to some extent, and much more here in the UK, a public servant is not simply someone employed by the state, but is often viewed as an extremely generous agent. Similar to someone who has devoted their life to charity ... Continue reading
Attacks on the financial sector are commonplace. The Pope, the Archbishop of Canterbury, and Jeremy Corbyn have all been critical of modern finance while demanding a financial sector that serves the “real economy”. Of course, religion and finance have always been uncomfortable bedfellows, and the extreme left now has a clear preference for a centrally ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

Madeline Grant writes for CapX

Madeline Grant, Digital Officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for CapX on the double standards the left hold between the print press and BBC. In her article Maddie argues that many on the Left attribute a kind of mind control to the Murdoch press and the Daily Mail. Given changing consumption habits, we know ... Continue reading
Markets and Morality
Robert H. Frank offered an unusual justification for clamping down on smokers in the New York Times last month. As it touches on some of the themes in my book Killjoys I want to discuss it. One the main points in Killjoys is that paternalists are always looking for ways to disguise their paternalism. Even in ... Continue reading
The furore about the gender pay gap continues, with little economic analysis but a lot of emotion. The latest concern is over the unsurprising news that the part-time work done by many women is paid less, and offers less career progression, than full-time work. This is likely to lead to demands that businesses equalise hourly ... Continue reading
In all the finger pointing that has followed the collapse of Carillion, in Parliament and the newspapers, it is hard to disentangle ideological prejudice from justifiable criticism of bad procurement practices. However, if one single theme runs through the history of the United Kingdom since the Second World War, it is our collectively poor management ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

IEA analysis features in the Daily Express

New IEA analysis on the representation of Leave vs Remain supporters on the BBC’s flagship shows ‘Question Time’ and ‘Any Questions’ has featured in The Daily Express. The article features the report's findings that in 2016 and 2017 of the 281 panellists on Question Time and 297 on Radio 4's Any Questions, 69 per cent ... Continue reading

IEA analysis features in The Sun

New IEA analysis on the representation of Leave vs Remain supporters on the BBC's flagship shows 'Question Time' and 'Any Questions' has featured in The Sun. The article features the IEA's examination of the make-up of panels on two key political programmes and found the stance of panellists favoured Remain by 68 percent to 32 ... Continue reading