Imagine if a sports journalist regularly described Sergio Agüero as a Manchester United player and insisted that West Bromwich Albion won the Premier League this season. Imagine a political correspondent routinely referring to the Liberal Democrats as the ruling party and claiming that the Chancellor was Michael Fabricant. They wouldn't last very long. Readers and ... Continue reading

IEA research quoted in The Spectator

Rod Liddle writes for the Spectator, following comments from former BBC presenter Gavin Esler in which he referred to the "village idiots of Brexit". Liddle attacks Esler for dismissing the 17.4 million Leave voters and the BBC for pro-Remain sentiments. The piece quotes IEA research which showed, in the year following the referendum, 68% of ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Mark Littlewood, IEA Director General, writes his fortnightly Times column on the need to "dissipate the anger and despair that so many people currently feel" when faced with political and economic system many people feel doesn't work for them. In his piece, Mark sets out examples of how burdensome regulation and red-tape dissuade people from unleashing ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times Business

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for The Times Business about the philanthropic motivations of those who have donated vast amounts of money towards the rebuilding of Notre Dame. In his article Mark argues that the financial response to the fire in Paris last week shows that the state ... Continue reading
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Political earthquakes on the scale of Brexit claim scalps. History suggests Brexit will be a graveyard not just for today’s crop of politicians but also for generations of leaders to come. Britain’s departure from the EU is on a par with the Irish question that proved so spectacularly unmanageable for a succession of some of ... Continue reading

IEA research quoted by Spiked

Joel Rodrigues, writing for Spiked, has analysed Charles Moore's claims that the BBC's Question Time show is biased against Remainers. The piece, which quotes IEA research from 2017, suggests that despite Britain voting to Leave the EU, the Question Time panel has given a platform to twice as many Remainers as Leavers since 2017. Read ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for 1828

Mark Littlewood, Director-General of the IEA, writes for 1828 on how to sell the free market to millennial voters. Mark notes that millennials have been brought up with the advantages of a capitalist society - Netflix, Uber, and Amazon are second nature to this age bracket - but politically they throw their backing behind state-managed ... Continue reading

Adam Bartha writes for Expresso

Adam Bartha, Director of EPICENTER, writes for Portuguese newspaper Expresso on the rise of populist parties across Europe. As authoritarian populist parties became mainstream and Brexit turned into a never-ending political embarrassment for the UK, populist politicians changed their tone on EU matters. Instead of campaigning against EU membership, they want to reformulate Europe in ... Continue reading
According to a recent YouGov survey, one in four people think a No Deal Brexit would be a good outcome, and another 13 per cent see at as at least acceptable. The option of leaving the EU without a deal enjoys the support of a significant minority, both on its own terms, and when directly ... Continue reading
The second year’s reporting of gender pay gap data for large organisations was published last week and it makes for shocking reading. EasyJet has a mean hourly pay gap of 54.1%. Virgin Atlantic’s mean pay gap has increased from 57.9 per cent in 2017 to 58.9 per cent in 2018. The NHS reported an overall ... Continue reading