Kate Andrews writes for City AM

Kate Andrews, Associate Director at The Institute of Economic Affairs, has written on the recent decision of the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to reject a Volkswagen commercial, as well as Mondelez UK commercial for Philadelphia cheese. Kate writes that "when the Committees of Advertising Practice (CAP) first announced that it would ban “gender stereotypes that ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
Media pluralism in Europe is under threat. Far from exhibiting a rich diversity of opinions, content, ownership and structures, Europe’s media sector faces considerable and rising risks to market competition and editorial independence. So concluded the 2017 annual report of the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom (CMPF), a research centre co-financed by the ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

The IEA's Director General Mark Littlewood has written for the Times on the calls for men's and women's games to receive equal financial rewards. The article weighs up various considerations when it comes to the case of pay and award money for recent men's and women's football World Cups. These considerations include overall popularity, public ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
Der heimliche Aufmarsch (“The Secret Deployment”) is an old socialist revolutionary song from the Weimar Republic. It calls upon the workers and peasants to arm themselves, rise up, and smash the system. Thirty years later, a modified version of the song was re-released in the GDR. It was now called Der offene Aufmarsch (“The Open ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
The eugenics furore at University College London, where a committee is considering removing the names of Marie Stopes and Francis Galton from lecture theatres, is typical of today’s judgmental view of the past. Eugenics is the term given to the late 19th/first half of the 20th century belief that some genetic groups are superior to ... Continue reading
Barely a week goes by without feminist action, or indeed, feminist laments, hitting the headlines. Whether that be (often skewed) gender pay gap statistics or some push for quotas, the victimhood industry is alive and well in public discourse. Modern feminism seems to have moved beyond fairness and equality, to non-stop virtue-signalling about issues that ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
On 6 July, the IEA held its annual THINK conference at the Royal Geographical Society in London. It included a panel discussion entitled “Socialism, Capitalism and Millennials” with Dr Steve Davies, Joseph Sternberg, Dr Kristian Niemietz, Dr Rainer Zitelmann and Rebecca Lowe. The article below is a rough transcript of Kristian’s opening statement.   The ... Continue reading
Society and Culture

Kristian Niemietz writes for Quillette

'Fully Automated Luxury Communism' says "next to nothing", says Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy at the Institute of Economic Affairs, in a review for Quillette. Despite author Aaron Bastani's desire for hyper-politicised banking and hyper-politicised local government contracting would boost worker co-operatives, Kristian argues it is a "recipe for patronage, nepotism, subsidy fraud, and ... Continue reading
Society and Culture
A while ago, I took part in a panel discussion on the issue of “Millennial Socialism”. One of the speakers, who was broadly on my side of this argument, called for a self-imposed moratorium on the V-word: Venezuela. Critics of socialism, he argued, had been banging on about Venezuela for too long, and they had ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for City A.M.

"They say once is a coincidence, twice is an accident, three times is a pattern" and as the government delays introducing the so-call 'Porn Laws' for a third time, Kate Andrews, Associate Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, argues they should use the delay as an opportunity to reconsider. Kate argues the new laws, which ... Continue reading