Tax and Fiscal Policy

Julian Jessop is quoted in the Daily Express

The IEA has been quoted in the Daily Express following the news that Hammond has been warned against raiding pensions tax relief to fund giveaways for young voters. In the article Julian Jessop argues that rich young traders in the City of London do not need a tax cut. If a young person has a ... Continue reading
Markets and Morality
The Social Prosperity Network (SPN) is part of the Institute for Global Prosperity (IGP) at University College London (UCL). Last week they published a report advocating what they call Universal Basic Services (UBS). Lovers of TLAs (three letter acronyms) will be ecstatic. Lovers of clarity and reason may be less delighted. The proposals are clear ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop writes for The Telegraph

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented in the Daily Telegraph today on Hammond's 'tax on age' plan. In the article Julian says that it would be technically possible to apply a lower tax rate on the incomes of younger people. It's not obvious that merely being 'young' is a ... Continue reading
Lifestyle Economics
Richard Thaler, a professor at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, was announced as this year’s winner of the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics on Monday. Thaler is best-known for his contributions to the field of behavioural economics, alongside the 2002 winner Daniel Kahneman and former presidential adviser Cass Sunstein. Economists have never ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for City AM

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for the City AM debate column today on whether the state should provide basic services like food, transport and housing. In the article Mark argues that the greatest point militating against this idea is the removal of choice over the most fundamental issues ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Julian Jessop comments in the Daily Mail

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented in the Daily Mail today following the government's announcement on an energy price cap. In the article Julian argues that the introduction of such a cap risks consumers ending up paying more than they would otherwise have done. Given the cap is unlikely ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
“Building a country that works for everyone”. That was the slogan of the Conservative Party at their conference last week. During the Prime Minister’s speech, one of its letters fell to the stage. The bad luck of those for whom everything is going wrong. That was the common diagnosis. I have a yet more supernatural ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews appears on BBC Newsnight

Kate Andrews, News Editor at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss social care policy and how we pay for it moving forward. In the interview Kate argues that people shouldn't have to choose between accessing social care and whether or not they can pass on their home to their ... Continue reading

Response to possibility of 'no deal' scenario

Summary:  A 'no deal' scenario, in which the UK simply leaves the Single Market and Customs Union in 2019, does not have to be the 'catastrophe' that many fear. There would be some new barriers to trade with the EU, but these should be manageable.  On the upside, the UK would be able to crack ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop appears on the Daily Politics

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on the BBC Daily Politics to discuss the possibility of 'no deal' when the UK leaves the EU. In the programme Julian argues that the clear point about 'no deal' is that it allows the UK to crack on with exploiting the benefits ... Continue reading