Trade, Development, and Immigration

Kate Andrews writes for City AM

Kate Andrews, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for City AM on UK immigration policy and how it needs to change. In her article Kate writes about how building a home takes time and investment; familiarity does not set in overnight. Our homes matter equally to us all – to natives, ... Continue reading
Trade, Development, and Immigration
Olly Robbins assertion, slightly embarrassingly overheard and reported by a journalist, that the government is planning to give MPs a choice between voting for the Withdrawal Agreement or facing a lengthy extension of article 50 have caused controversy today.  His other comments, that backstop was intended to be a ‘bridge’ (something that would be embarked ... Continue reading

Len Shackleton writes for CapX

Len Shackleton, Editorial Research Fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for CapX in defence of top pay. In the article Len argues that for all their flirting with Corbynism, young Britons are pretty relaxed about high pay. Cutting executive pay might sound enticing - but it would benefit precisely no one. Read the ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
Brexit has caused some turbulent political times in Westminster, but the hole left by the UK in Brussels will be felt throughout the continent. Putting the tedious fight of Brexit negotiations aside for a moment; what kind of Europe are we going to see develop in the next 10 years, after the UK departs the ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Telegraph

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for The Telegraph on the benefits of capitalism. In his article Mark argues that by focusing almost entirely on how we should slice up the available pie, we often pay scant regard to how we are preventing the growth of future pies by ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Shanker Singham writes for Conservative Home

Shanker Singham, Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs' International Trade and Competition Unit has written for Conservative Home on agricultural policy post-Brexit. In the article Shanker argues that There are only two trade policy ways to curb food price inflation in the event of No Deal, hence the Secretary of State’s statements.  Either the ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times Business

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for The Times Business on Venezuela. On most measurements, spending — as a proportion of national income — in Britain is about the same as it is in Venezuela. At some point, there will be an economic downturn — or crash — and ... Continue reading

A IEA new report on the UK's housing crisis

If a tenth of designated Green Belt land around Greater London were used for new housing, 160,000 new homes could be produced - a significant contribution to solving the urgent housing crisis in the capital, argues a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs. The report, “Delivering More Homes: Radical action to unblock the system”, argues that ... Continue reading

Ever-expanding Green Belt must be tackled to solve the UK's housing crisis, says new report

● The planning system has become too complex and the revisions to the National Planning Policy Framework risk exacerbating the situation. The principle of a clear general presumption in favour of sustainable development that has equal weight to other considerations, including the Development Plan, must be reintroduced. ● The Planning Inspectorate appears to be under ... Continue reading

IEA report on housing trailed in City AM

Co-authors of the latest IEA report on housing, Keith Boyfield and Robert Wickham, trail the content in a comment piece for City AM: "Politicians have recently become fond of talking about how to tackle our alarming housing crisis. Yet little is delivered – and what is achieved focuses on inflating demand, with schemes like Help ... Continue reading