Richard Wellings appears on the Daily Politics

Dr Richard Wellings appeared on BBC's Daily Politics Programme to discuss problems with the rail network over the past few weeks. Richard explained that northern rail services are hugely subsidised by the taxpayer and often cost more than they benefit the wider economy. It is important to take care of taxpayers money. He also explained ... Continue reading
Housing and Planning
...continued from Part 1   What’s Behind NIMBYism? A lot of it is, as I’ve suggested, a natural resistance to change combined with political power. What does that mean, exactly? First, there is the fear that a greater supply of housing will result in lower prices for existing homes. Economics tells us that, other things ... Continue reading
Economic Affairs
Subscribe to Economic Affairs CONTENTS: INTRODUCTION (page 165) JUSTIFICATIONS FOR REDISTRIBUTION: A CRITIQUE (Pages: 166-184) by Roland Vaubel IS UNIVERSAL SERVICE JUSTIFIED BY THE PUBLIC INTEREST? FROM THE EARLY DAYS TO THE DIGITAL AGE (Pages: 185-196) by Dmitrii Trubnikov Ekaterina Trubnikova ELECTRONIC CURRENCY IN AFRICA: M‐PESA AS PRIVATE INSIDE MONEY (Pages: 197-206) by Malavika Nair ... Continue reading
Housing and Planning
You hear that a private developer plans to build a new apartment building across the street. What does that mean to you? Here are some typical responses: “More traffic and less street parking!” “Crowded classrooms!” “My home will lose value!” “The character of the neighbourhood will change!” Or the ever-popular-but-seldom-spoken, “The wrong kind of people will ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz writes for CapX

A lot has been written about Britain’s alleged need for a new centrist party. Britain needs no such thing. Most of what passes for “centrism” these days is not a political position, but simply the belief that equivocating, and using phrases like “I think you’ll find it’s a bit more complicated than that”, are signals ... Continue reading

Shanker Singham is mentioned in City AM

The chancellor is to tell the City of his plans to forge relationships with major financial centres around the world as he looks beyond Europe to cement the UK’s position as “the undisputed gateway to global markets”. Philip Hammond will use his Mansion House speech tomorrow night to set out plans for “ground-breaking financial partnerships” ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz appears on Radio 4's Moral Maze

The IEA' Head of Health and Welfare Dr Kristian Niemietz appeared on Radio 4's Moral Maze to discuss the NHS as it approaches its 70th birthday. This week, Prime Minister Theresa May announced a 70th birthday 'present' for the NHS: an extra £20bn a year by 2023, paid for in part by tax rises. It ... Continue reading
If you’re under 30 — or have a child in their teens — then chances are you’ve heard of a game called Fortnite. Fortnite, a “survival shooter” video game released last year, has quickly become one of the most popular online games in the world — a towering cultural phenomenon on a par with Minecraft ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews appears on Radio 4's Today Programme

Kate Andrews spoke to Radio 4's Today Programme about the recently announced increase to NHS funding and the knock on effects this will have on other Departments. Discussing tax rises, Kate argued against an increase to corporation tax as it is a tax paid by ordinary people - pensioners with shares in companies and workers ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz is quoted in the Telegraph Business

Spending billions of pounds is cool again. After eight years of attempts to restrain growth in spending, the Government has turned the taps back on. The National Health Service is to get an extra £20bn per year. The exact source of the funds has yet to be determined. There has been some talk of a “Brexit dividend”, ... Continue reading