2 thoughts on “George Monbiot should study the subject he so often talks about”

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    It never ceases to trouble me how intelligent and educated individuals can buy into the ultra-fake news dispensed by the Guardian.

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    Please… if you are going to call out an opinion for it’s genetic fallacy, please don’t think it’s ok to replace it with your own. The phenomena you choose to example, do not disprove Monbiot’s opinion. It is possible to give more in tax, more to public education and to support Brexit whilst still remaining in control of it’s political system.
    To go further it might be useful for you to recognise that your own faith in scientific method is founded on belief. And to understand that you have free choice. And so to question your own motives for supporting a corrupt and broken system when you could choose change.
    There’s a context in which those donations may well begin to make sense, no?

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