Madeline Grant writes for City AM

Madeline Grant, Digital Officer at the Institute of Economic Affairs, has written for City AM on the situation in Venezuela. In her article Madeline argues that Venezuela's leaders brought this economic demise on their own country. Since 1998, the government has nationalised over a thousand companies, destroying the productive structure of the economy to the ... Continue reading
Continued from here.   The Hat Tax Astonishingly, hats were subject to a special sales tax between 1784 and 1811, first introduced by Pitt the Younger. Pitt, who also served as Chancellor of the Exchequer for much of his tenure as Prime Minister, was responsible for implementing 17 new taxes, more than any other Chancellor, ... Continue reading
“Nothing is certain in life except death and taxes”, as Benjamin Franklin’s old maxim goes. That’s especially true here in Britain, where everything from tampons to televisions is taxed, and even upon death there is one last impost, Inheritance Tax, to pay. Inheritance Tax (IHT) was one of 20 taxes that the Institute of Economic ... Continue reading

IEA reacts to Supreme Court ruling on minimum alcohol pricing in Scotland

Commenting on the Supreme Court's decision to back Scottish minimum alcohol pricing, Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs said: "The Supreme Court's decision today is disappointing, but we should be thankful that the legal action has delayed the implementation of this pernicious policy by five years, thereby saving Scottish ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

Diego Zuluaga appears on BBC Radio Manchester

Diego Zuluaga, Head of Financial Services and Tech policy at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Radio Manchester to discuss the Paradise Papers. In the interview Diego argues that people who engage in these schemes have the resources to get good advice and to make arrangements in this way. Some of the ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood appears on BBC Radio 5 Live

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Radio 5 Live's Wake up to Money programme to discuss what Philip Hammond should be prioritising at the Budget. In the interview Mark argues that at the Budget the government must do something on planning liberalisation. We desperately need to change ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy

Diego Zuluaga writes for CapX

Diego Zuluaga, Head of Financial Services and Tech Policy has written for CapX on the topic of rebalancing the economy and the government's industrial strategy. In his article Diego argues that the Government may say that it can achieve both stability and mobility simultaneously by being "strategic" with its regional spending so that it creates ... Continue reading
I really must re-tune the alarm clock so that I am not woken in the morning by the BBC trying to drum up a bit of outrage about offshore investments. Another load of personal data has been stolen from a law firm, and the BBC is trawling through it with prurient glee, trying to find ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy
The prospect that the UK will be leaving the EU in March 2019 without a formal trade deal is focussing attention on what this might mean for tariffs. There are serious questions to be answered here. Nonetheless, some of the media coverage has gone completely over the top. Two recent reports have attempted to put ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood comments in The Sun

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented in The Sun on Britain's looming debt crisis. In the article Mark observes that these dismal figures highlight just how lacklustre the government has been at getting the public finances under control. Accumulating ever more debt is not the recipe for a successful ... Continue reading