Mark Littlewood writes for the Times Business

Mark Littlewood has written for the Times Business on how the day-to-day tactical battles over Brexit have tended to mean that no politician is seriously engaged in looking at how the world might look after our departure. In terms of taxes, the UK is by far the most centralised country in the western world. Only about ... Continue reading

Jamie Whyte is quoted by the Daily Express

The IEA's Dr Jamie Whyte has been quoted by the Daily Express, discussing what a 'no deal' Brexit scenario would look like. Jamie argues that what the UK imports is entirely in control of the British government, which would not want to harm consumers in this way. He also argues that a no deal Brexit ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews appears on the Spectator podcast

Kate Andrews has appeared on the Spectator podcast, to discuss US sanctions on Russia, Boris Johnson's comments on the burka, and the possibility of the formation of a new centrist party. Listen here. IEA Further Reading: Classical Liberalism - A Primer... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
It’s no secret that ambitious public infrastructure projects often end up running monumentally over budget. Recent transport history is littered with such examples, like the Jubilee Line Extension in the late 90s, which exceeded initial forecasts by over £1 billion. Or the Channel Tunnel, which ended up costing more than twice as much as originally planned, ... Continue reading
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The so-called ‘Norway Option’ (a form of Brexit under which the UK would leave the European Customs Union, but remain in the Single Market for the time being) is a bit like Michael Myers, the villain in the horror movie ‘Halloween’: every time you think it has finally been killed off, it pops up again. ... Continue reading

Mark Littlewood featured on Spiked

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has taken part in a Spiked interview to discuss the IEA sting operation conducted by Greenpeace. We decide what we research. But I do chase money for this. If you want to print reports and circulate them, this is an expensive business. The IEA cannot ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell plans to put a pilot scheme for a Universal Basic Income (UBI) into the next Labour manifesto.  There is growing interest in the idea of a UBI, which involves all citizens receiving an unconditional payment from the government in addition to any income received from elsewhere. Current interest in a UBI ... Continue reading
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Shanker Singham appears on BBC Newsnight

Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA's International Trade and Competition Unit has appeared on BBC Newsnight to discuss the Guardian's story about the IEA's research and fundraising practices. In the interview Shanker argues that you have to differentiate between think tanks that are involved in policy and therefore by definition politically engaged and partisanship. As ... Continue reading
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Mark Littlewood appears on the BBC Radio 4 Today Programme

Mark Littlewood, Director General at the Institute of Economic Affairs has appeared on BBC Radio 4's Today Programme to discuss The Guardian's story concerning the IEA. In the interview, Mark argues that we are a free market think and tank. My job is to meet other free market people so that we can continue to ... Continue reading
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IEA responds to The Guardian's story

Responding to the story in The Guardian concerning the Institute of Economic Affairs, Director General Mark Littlewood said: “The IEA is an educational charity which seeks to improve the understanding of free markets across policy-makers, politicians and the wider public. We first became aware of the Guardian-Greenpeace undercover operation twelve days ago, were given 48 ... Continue reading