2016 was the year traditional allegiances scrambled, on both sides of the Pond. The year Brexit and the election of Donald Trump shook the foundations of conventional politics, famously causing Angela Merkel to declare “Europe must take its destiny into its own hands.” But the genesis of these shocks goes rather deeper, as some pointed ... Continue reading
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Shanker Singham writes for The Times Red Box

Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA's International Trade and Competition Unit has written for The Times Red Box on the Irish backstop. There are several myths surrounding the Irish backstop issue, which must be straightened out at this crucial time to ensure that the opportunities Brexit offers are not squandered. The backstop has often been ... Continue reading
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I’m still sceptical that the UK’s departure from the EU is a gender issue, despite what high-profile critics like Baroness Kennedy may say. Women might be more vulnerable in some respects, if Brexit is done badly, for example, because they are more likely to have caring responsibilities. Nonetheless, it seems odd to make sweeping statements ... Continue reading
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Today (October 8th) would have been the birthday of Basil Fisher, the younger brother of the IEA’s founder, Sir Antony Fisher. Though few remember Basil Fisher today, his life (and death) have made a lasting impact. Antony and Basil were born in 1915 and 1917 respectively. Neither knew their father, George, killed by a Turkish ... Continue reading
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Last year’s Conservative party conference marked a change in tone for the Prime Minister and her relationship with the free market. Perhaps it was the 2017 snap election upset that made her roll back her language around “untrammelled free markets”, or maybe there was increased understanding that after Brexit, a commitment to competition would be ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop comments in The Times

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented in The Times on government outsourcing. In the article Julian argues that private sector managers can generate more profits in both good and bad ways. On the plus side, they can boost revenues by raising quality and thereby increasing sales — or they can cut ... Continue reading

IEA report is referenced on BBC news website

The IEA’s recent report Plan A+ has been quoted by Lord Howard on the BBC news website. He says in some respects the plan is quite close to the offer that has already made by the European Union, by President Tusk earlier this year. Watch the full interview here.... Continue reading

The IEA's Plan A+ features in The Telegraph

The IEA's recent report Plan A+ has been quoted in an article written by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP in The Telegraph. The report is referred to as the Super Canada Plus plan and this is not worse than a no-deal scenario. Read the full article here. (££)  ... Continue reading
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In many ways the EU acts like a customs union when it comes to migration that leads to employment. It is very easy to come to the UK from other EU countries to get a job. Indeed, there are no government-imposed barriers at all. However, if you wish to come from outside the EU to ... Continue reading
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Faux-outrage and faux-indignation are normally the preserve of the political Left. When your social status depends on your imaginary moral superiority, you need to constantly reassert that status, and nowadays, the most common way to do that is through performative moral indignation. However, the political Right sometimes does it too. In particular, the Brexit vote ... Continue reading