What impact will Brexit have on British aviation and our ability to travel? That's a question that's been on many peoples' lips recently, following warnings from the boss of Ryanair and other key industry figures, that flights between the UK and the EU could be grounded for months unless replacements for EU airline agreements are ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions
How far has EU membership benefited the UK economy since 1973? A pro-EU colleague emailed me last week: “we’re the fifth largest economy in the world, but in the 1970s, before we joined the EU, we were the sick man of Europe – strike-bound, socialist, ungovernable, poor and getting poorer.” The not-so-subtle implication of the ... Continue reading
Tax and Fiscal Policy
The prospect that the UK will be leaving the EU in March 2019 without a formal trade deal is focussing attention on what this might mean for tariffs. There are serious questions to be answered here. Nonetheless, some of the media coverage has gone completely over the top. Two recent reports have attempted to put ... Continue reading
Today you'll hear an update from our Brexit Unit, led by Chief Economist Julian Jessop.    Julian and Digital Officer Madeline Grant give the latest updates from the negotiations currently underway in Brussels, and discuss what sum - if any - Britain will be likely to pay in a so-called "Brexit Bill". Julian goes through some of the ... Continue reading
Disentangling ourselves from the EU after four decades will be fiendishly complicated but some elements of Brexit are refreshingly simple and uncontroversial. The recently enforced EU regulations on e-cigarettes are a case in point. Nobody seems to know what purpose is served by limiting vapers to tiny (10ml) bottles of fluid, limiting nicotine concentrations and ... Continue reading
Since last year’s EU referendum, the 52% of Britons who voted Leave have faced a concerted attempt by many commentators to belittle their intelligence. Time and time again, it is asserted that they, alone amongst British voters, were misled during the referendum campaign, by "promises" made by the Vote Leave campaign - such as the ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop comments in the Daily Express

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has been quoted in the Daily Express following comments from the TUC General Secretary claiming that a Brexit no-deal would be a horror show. In the article Julian argues that fears a 'no-deal' Brexit would inevitably result in chaos are a Halloween scare story. In ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

Julian Jessop writes for Brexit Central

Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs has written for Brexit Central following the release of the IEA's Brexit Unit's latest report on a 'bare bones' Brexit. In the article Julian makes the case that quitting the Single Market and Customs Union in 2019, but still allowing for ongoing cooperation in areas ... Continue reading
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IEA releases briefing on what a minimal Brexit deal might mean

Halloween may not be the most auspicious time to be talking about what happens if the Brexit negotiations break up without a deal. But there are still plenty of scare stories to dispel – including planes no longer flying, cancer patients being denied life-saving treatment, and criminals running amok. A more credible ‘no deal’ scenario ... Continue reading

UK has nothing to fear from a 'bare bones' Brexit deal

Much of the discussion of a ‘no deal’ Brexit has focussed on a chaotic outcome where talks break up without any agreements on the future relationship. However, this outcome would be so bad for all parties that it is highly unlikely. A more credible scenario would involve the UK leaving the Single Market and the Customs ... Continue reading