UK CLIMATE CHANGE COMMITTEE IN URGENT NEED OF REFORM, SAYS NEW RESEARCH The Climate Change Committee (CCC) was established as an ‘independent’ advisory body. It has morphed into a pressure group with an active media profile, but without proper political accountability. The CCC’s projections are widely relied on by the government and private sector, yet their economic ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson writes for The Telegraph

Victoria Hewson, the IEA's Head of Regulatory Affairs, argues that the horror of David Amess' murder last Friday cannot be used to justify excessive regulation of free speech. Anonymity, as Victoria observes, is a pillar of free expression, allowing those with "unpopular or contrarian debate and communicate without fear of losing their job". To ... Continue reading

Emily Carver writes for Conservative Home

In her bi-weekly column for Conservative Home, IEA Head of Media, Emily Carver, argued that Brexit was a once in a generation opportunity to free British businesses from the shackles of over burdensome EU regulations. Emily urged policy makers to take advantage of being outside the EU, starting by abandoning the UK's overreliance on the ... Continue reading
The other Sunday I arrived back in London around 7pm and went round the corner to the big Sainsbury’s near our flat. I needed to get milk and a few other things, as you do. Too late, I remembered our Sunday trading laws - which mean that stores with over 280 square metres of floor ... Continue reading

IEA research cited in The Telegraph

New IEA research, 'British innovation principle' has been cited in The Telegraph. The paper argues that innovation is under threat due to the over-application of the precautionary principle and a new innovation principle is needed in the UK to encourage competition. The Telegraph reported: "a new paper by the Institute of Economic Affairs warned that ... Continue reading

IEA research features in Yorkshire Times

A new IEA paper authored by IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson argues that innovation is under threat due to the over-application of the precautionary principle. She urges policy makers to implement a new British innovation principle to allow innovation and competitiveness to flourish. The paper was featured in a Yorkshire Times article here. ... Continue reading

IEA research features in City AM

New IEA research, authored by Head of Regulatory Affairs Victoria Hewson, has featured in a City AM article. The research argued that UK should  introduce a 'British innovation principle' to avoid "choking the UK economy’s competitiveness". Victoria argued policy has been over dominated by the precautionary principle which is stifling innovation. Read the research paper ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson quoted in City AM

The new international trade secretary has launched a plan to make it easier for businesses to trade digitally. Marie Trevelyan has called for a reduction to "digital barriers" days after being appointed to the role. IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs, Victoria Hewson, was quoted in City AM arguing GDPR rules are a major obstacle to ... Continue reading
Having taken nearly 500 days to conduct a 90 day complaints process, Britain’s media regulator OFCOM ruled that it was not a breach of the Broadcasters Code for LBC presenter James O’Brien to make untrue statements about the IEA. O’Brien dedicated a part of two of his shows to fringe conspiracy theories, without researching alternative ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson quoted in The Telegraph

Wine is set to become 13p cheaper, according to industry experts, as the UK  scraps VI-1 forms, a EU regulation which tests the acidity of the wine, something which is not done for beer or spirits. Commenting on the news in The Telegraph, IEA Head of Regulatory Affairs, Victoria Hewson, said: "Getting rid of bureaucracy ... Continue reading