2 thoughts on “What have the Swiss ever done for us?”

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    There is something about the Swiss !i first discovered it as a young boy going on holiday with my parents ,and skiing with the school ,i gained the Swiss bronze and silver proficiency medal ;and i felt ²then somehow attache to the country ,.Later i went to an agricultural college at Bern ,which is twinned with my English college several times , and i felt always that this is a place i would like to call home .But life overtakes and i made my career in agricultural management in the UK ,But i have always taken a vital interest in anything Swiss and now i live in Normandy ,so i suppose the UK for me has always been lacking in that “something ” ,But never mind ,perhaps next time round ,i shall choose to be in the Swiss alpine region herding cows there ,i am now72 .The moral is follow your gut feeling not your head Cheers Cliff Longlands

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    The “bogeyman” of US health care? That’s a joke. We get the best care in the world, and I know it from personal experience – 5 operations in the last 11 years, all successful, and hardly a dime out of my pocket.

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