My book Universal Healthcare Without The NHS, published two and a half years ago, continues to rile a lot of people online. Initially, the standard accusation used to be that I want a system like in the US, where healthcare spending is almost twice as high as in the UK, and yet millions of people ... Continue reading
A while ago, I got an e-mail from someone who had recently finished reading my book Universal Healthcare Without The NHS, which makes the case for replacing the NHS with a Social Health Insurance (SHI) system similar to the Swiss and the Dutch model. That reader offered mixed feedback. They liked parts of the book, ... Continue reading

Kristian Niemietz writes for the Daily Telegraph

The £1.8bn cash injection for the NHS will not deliver much-needed improvements to health outcomes or efficiencies in the system, says Kristian Niemietz, Head of Political Economy at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Kristian argues change is impossible while we pretend "that there are only two health systems in the ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews responds to PM's cash boost for the NHS

Commenting on Boris Johnson’s £1.8 billion cash boost to NHS frontline services, Associate Director at the Institute of Economic Affairs Kate Andrews said: "How many more billions of pounds will be funneled into the National Health Service before politicians admit the system itself is broken and decades overdue for reform? "It remains unclear how Mr ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews writes for City AM

The IEA's Associate Director Kate Andrews has written for City AM on the Prime Minister's pledge to fix the social care system "once and for all". "Obviously these are not overnight fixes. Short-term solutions are critical for filling the multi-billion pound hole in funding, which cannot reasonably be paid now by those nearing the end ... Continue reading
On Sunday evening, Twitter exploded with rage. That, admittedly, doesn’t mean much. If you have ever been on Twitter, you will be aware that that medium explodes with rage at least every other day. But this time, the rage explosion was about an issue that I happen to know a little bit about, so I ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson writes for the Telegraph

Victoria Hewson, the IEA's Head of Regulatory Affairs, busts the no-deal myths around the supply of medicines in a piece for the Telegraph. Victoria notes that while people are rightly concerned about interruptions to medical supplies, concerns about tariffs, regulations, and logistical challenges to supply are overblown. Instead, she argues that the current risks to ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson writes for City A.M.

As City A.M. asks "Is Britain overreacting to the idea that the NHS might be 'on the table' in US trade negotiations, Victoria Hewson argues yes. The IEA's Senior Counsel from the International Trade and Competition Unit argues that it shouldn't matter who provides the service, so long as it is good quality and free ... Continue reading

Kate Andrews quoted in the Daily Mail

Kate Andrews, Associate-Director of the Institute of Economic Affairs, is quoted in the Daily Mail, responding to President Trump's comments that the NHS should be on the table in future US-UK trade talks. Kate argues that the US is not interested in providing NHS services, rather in "expanding the drugs market" and potentially widening access ... Continue reading

IEA report encourages more competition in health & social care systems

Competition and markets should be introduced into the UK's health and social care systems to find the best ways of integrating the two sectors, according to a new report from the Institute of Economic Affairs. A ‘National Care Service’ is not the solution to providing better health care overall in the UK. The health sector ... Continue reading