IEA research cited in The Sunday Times

IEA report 'The Henry Fords of Healthcare' by Dr Nima Sanandaji is cited in a column in the Sunday Times, arguing that will the Henry Ford model will "drive down the cost of healthcare". As Dr Sanandaji argues in the paper: "the organisational changes needed to drive costs down and raise quality and safety — ... Continue reading
During the corona epidemic, hardworking doctors, nurses and other health staff have saved the lives of millions around the world. But at the same time, the crisis has exposed great inefficiencies – coupled with chronic productivity problems – in the health sectors of European welfare states. Without reform, the way these countries fund their healthcare ... Continue reading

IEA publication featured in 1828

Matteo Baccaglini, former President of the Oxford Hayek Society, references the recent IEA report 'Henry Fords of Healthcare' in a piece for 1828. The piece praises the report, saying it "calls us to use lessons from the east to revisit our assumptions of how western healthcare is not only delivered – but also perceived." Read ... Continue reading
YES – says Kristian Niemietz  The “Dementia Tax”, which was essentially a more stringent means-testing regime for determining eligibility for government support with the cost of social care, was one of the most spectacularly unpopular policies of recent times. The idea that social care is, first and foremost, the responsibility of individuals and families, and ... Continue reading
Summary Health systems in Western countries are plagued by inefficiency and low productivity growth. Without reform, their funding is likely to require a substantial increase in the tax burden as populations age. Patients may also face a gradual decrease in the quality and scope of services. The organisational changes needed to drive costs down and ... Continue reading
Author Nima Sanandaji outlines how entrepreneurship in healthcare can create better outcomes Most of the benefits of free markets have not been transferred to healthcare; The UK’s centrally-planned system had problems prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, with long waiting times, inefficiencies and patient safety incidents; The crisis has brought about comparisons between healthcare systems across the globe ... Continue reading
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We are undoubtedly living in a time of great crisis. You have to be of an exceptionally optimistic disposition to still believe that there will be a “V-shaped recovery”. We have lost a lot of ground, and we will not easily regain it. If we just go back to the way things were before the ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon quoted by The Daily Telegraph

The £25bn spent by the government so far on PPE and the test and tracing system is an "eye-watering sum of money, equivalent to 15% of the entire NHS budget." Quoted in The Daily Telegraph, Chris added "a global shortage made it inevitable that we would pay over the odds for PPE, especially since the ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon writes for The Critic

"Believing [the NHS] to be the best [healthcare system] in the world requires a uniquely insular form of blind patriotism" says Christopher Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs. Writing for The Critic magazine, Christopher notes that "your chances of still being alive five years after being diagnosed with cancer are ... Continue reading