Lockdowns now a proven failure


Fraud Focus: Is the Is the Serious Fraud Office fit for purpose? by James Forder
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James Forder quoted in WIREDGOV

IEA Research quoted in The City Journal

Evidence supporting the futility of lockdowns from IEA’s recent publication, Did Lockdowns Work? has recently been quoted in The City Journal.

The City Journal quoted:

“After combining results from the most rigorous studies analyzing fatality rates and the stringency of lockdowns in various states and nations, they estimate that the average lockdown in the United States and Europe during the spring of 2020 reduced Covid mortality by just 3.2 percent.

“That translates to some 4,000 avoided deaths in the United States—a negligible result compared with the toll from the ordinary flu, which annually kills nearly 40,000 Americans.”

You can read the full piece here.