1 thought on “The trouble with the EU’s digital tax”

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    Regular businesses pay VAT or Sales Tax. This is not a tax on income, its a negotiated sales tax at 1/6th the nominal value of a physical good.

    Regardless, the tech companies are not the ones that set up the intra-EU tax havens like Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Denmark and other miscellaneous free-loaders like Cyprus. The EU commission did that with Mr Tax Dodge himself, President Juncker throwing his own home constituency the largest tax carve out in corporate history.

    If national states cannot collect on taxes from transnational corporations, its because the EU set it up this way.

    We should never ascribe to malice what can be explained away by incompetence. Yet, the present system is neither a result of either. Its a straight transnational-globalist play in exchange for putting the international back into the socialist international.

    Both are incompatible with the wealth of nations and the democratic system.

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