2 thoughts on “The Goodbye Lenin Delusion”

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    Unfortunately both the left and right in politics confuse neo-feudalism for capitalism and free markets for fair, efficient ones. The resultant excessive inequalities and economic dysfunction makes socialism an inevitable response.

    This serves the agenda of both left and right very well in stifling debate and maintaining a stranglehold on power. A symbiosis that’s causing untold harm in the world.

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    Well, sauce for the goose, sauce for the gander. We can also look at all historical ways of building *capitalism* and consider what they brought, now can’t we? And we’ll get the same “this was not REAL” (capitalism, anarcho-capitalism, whatever). The biggest one is the theory that the Great Depression was “not real capitalism” despite coming up under the Republican Hoover and despite being the result of decades of entrenched capitalist interests in the United States. Compared to actual American Capitalism, some libertarian (and related) claims look a lot like a form of Trotskyism – “noble ideas and degradation” exactly! Ayn Rand as a new Trotsky, sounds fun.

    There is also an analogy to the way Venezuelomania gave way to Venezuelomnesia on the other side. In libertarian/ancap circles Somalimania gave way to Somalimnesia. What happened there was the logical result of anarcho-capitalism – in the absence of a state, the group that could create the most united and coordinated force of coercion became the new state, unencumbered by the centuries of evolution ot states, and therefore quite brutal. But it seems that nobody who praised Somali’s alleged achievenemts in mobile telecommunications will look at the country now.

    I’m not defending Socialism here, just showing the same applies to Capitalism.

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