3 thoughts on “Cuba after Castro: Democratisation as the next stage of the revolution? Not happening, Comrade Jones”

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    Thanks for the link to that Przeworski paper. Democracy versus Dictatorship in a contest for economic growth appears to about equal. This is useful information. It complements the Besley & Reynal-Querol findings on democracy versus hereditary systems ( also broadly equal ), and on constrained democracy versus democracy operating under few constraints ( a massive win for the constrained democratic system ).
    Good read, cheers.

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    In any system there are those who seem to seek power and wealth for themselves. In a dictatorship, it is the Dictator and his cronies. In a communist dictatorship the dictator gathers all to himself for maximum power and there is no check, and by definition the job is too big for him to cope. In a free market dictatorship, the public can at least choose what they buy and thus influence the economy: competition can bring pressure for constant improvement. Those in search of great wealth and power can always make something people want to buy. If the ruler sets out good ground rules that can work well. Democracy reduces the chance of power going to the head of the ruler somewhat, but they all still end up sounding pompous and arrogant just the same. That is why they end up loosing elections.

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    Democratisation doesn´t exist in this days, it is just make believe people that they choose what they want, but it is not at the end.

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