5 thoughts on “Scotland’s main problems are homemade. With or without independence, they need to clean up their act”

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    Why go to all the effort of writing nine paragraphs without presenting any evidence to back the claims made when two words would suffice: SNP Bad!

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    This is full of distortions and downright lies.Our AERIAL waiting times are 13 points ahead of England and if tareas are missed it’s simply because they are so high.You see Scotland is not afraid to aim high.! England has abandoned even recording targets
    This is simply propaganda but we are used to that, the whole weight of the establishment and media machinery was used against Scotland last time. The English govt has no concern for the welfare of the Scottish people ( the PM’so contempt for our democratically elected govt exposes that hypocrisy ),it’s simply that without us they might even be bankr8

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    Can you explain why Scotland of all the countries that have become independent from the UK is the only one that will have this dire economic situation?

    Can you explain why most of those countries that have left also had dire economic forecasts made by right wing UK bodies, and yet they have prospered, or at least never wished to return to UK governance>

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    Nothing about gdp kate nothing about recent oil finds. Have u read any economic facts about scotland? Please quote facts.

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    If it’s that bad why don’t the tories let us go…
    Sorry cannae hear a thing.Oh look another oil field found in SCOTTISH WATERS

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