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    Kris – Your article has inspired me to tell you that I find it persuasive, logical and well-argued!

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    Hi Kristian, do you think there’s any hope people might be inspired by ‘freedom’? Don’t young people want to be rebels, start their own band, say and do what they want, get mum and dad off their back?

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    “Free-market ideas are just counterintuitive. Statism feels good; it connects with people on an emotional level. Economic liberalism does not.”
    Do you believe this is intrinsically the case? Or is it rather the consequence of generations (say post WW2) who have been brought up in the warm embrace of Statism – State education, NHS, cradle to grave welfare – and so know nothing else and can’t conceive of anything else? If the clock were rolled back further would one find that economic liberalism was the intuitive choice by virtue of being more normal?
    I’m not sure that Statism is intrinsically a more intuitive position than free market liberalism.

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    On People Power and its shaky relationship with experts — try this article: “The larger discussions, from what constitutes a nutritious diet to what actions will best further U.S. interests, require conversations between ordinary citizens and experts. But increasingly, citizens don’t want to have those conversations. Rather, they want to weigh in and have their opinions treated with deep respect and their preferences honored not on the strength of their arguments or on the evidence they present but based on their feelings, emotions, and whatever stray information they may have picked up here or there along the way. ”


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    In all free economic systems if labor increases then wage rates decrease and the money concentrates. Further increase in money increasing to the already wealthy, decreases the ability of people who depend on labor for income and inhibits upward mobility.
    Yes blame the immigrants because they depress wages, Yes blame the wealthy who militate for increased immigration and by their actions increase their own wealth by increasing poverty IN YOUR OWN Country.
    Market Economics is basic to this understanding. Te problem Is TOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND MARKET ECONOMICS, or are a SHILL FOR THOSE WILLING TO ACTUALLY DERCEASE innovation and increase poverty.

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