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    Dear Madeline – what a delightful note. And how right you are to remember those who gave their lives to keep this country free – the IEA and all that followed did indeed spring from that dreadful day in 1940.

    I am Basil Mark Fisher aged 77 and eldest son of Sir Antony and nephew of Basil, after whom I was named. My sister is Linda Whetstone and my brother is Mike Fisher current and former Trustees of the IEA. Our younger sister Lucy lives in New Zealand.

    We are all so very proud of Dad and Uncle Basil

    Kindest regards,

    Basil Mark Fisher, 9th October 2018

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    A wonderful , powerfully emotional article…thank you .
    An amazing family . The pride you have in your relatives’
    achievements at least affords you some comfort .
    As a mother of two lovely daughters (& three grandsons) I have been spared the agony of having to watch ‘ my boys’ going off to war.
    I just wish that scale of loss …had taught us more.

    Iea .org .uk …is a great read..every Sixth Form should have one !!

    Annie H.

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