2 thoughts on “It’s time the Conservatives matched free market rhetoric to policies”

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    Hi Kate,
    I agree free market is good for society, but also good governance. I like the idea of more social housing by council, because I and my 4 brothers were brought up in a council house by our devorced mom. Society is a pyramid and we climb a ladder to get to position we are happy with, this ladder is vertical for the well off family’s ie wealth to buy private education, health care, and a home. The ladder is tilted forward to help families like my mom’s, ie free home, education, and health care, my mom didn’t climb the ladder, but me and my 3 brothers did, all working and home owning(3 manufacturing maintenance engineers 1 a Web designer), and grandchildren in good jobs, showing government help has good out comes. If the ladder I agree is too tilted forward or horizontal, then at the end of the ladder it will be no better than at the start (marxist ideology) for the rich and the poor, this is bad governance.

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    The “outdated NHS” – that’s got legs, I reckon.

    For myself I can’t even hear the word “NHS” anymore without that preface, whether spoken or not.

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