3 thoughts on “Nick Timothy’s ‘post-liberal conservatism’: nonsense on stilts”

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    Thank you for this first rate takedown of the nonsense from Timothy, the man desperate to prove that the recent Tory electoral car crash was nothing to do with him. Lord Tebbit also does a good demolition job in the Telegraph.

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    Masterly article – total demolition. Why on Earth is the Telegraph giving Timothy, of all people, a regular column? The manifesto he co-authored is widely acknowledged to have been the death-knell of the Conservative campaign. Most people would have crawled away and found a job more suited to their talents.

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    The Telegraph is encouraging the kind of debate about ideas and philosophy essential to reinvigorate people on the right and widen understanding of how capitalism doesn’t have to be the crony variety … and it seems to be working! (see also Roger Scruton in S Times). I hate the anti-capitalist guff also but diagnosing how Corbyn won the votes of so many intelligent people is a crucial first step so let’s debate respectfully with our friends and opponents and avoid attributing motive?

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