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IEA reacts to the Prime Minister's 'Road to Brexit' speech

Commenting on Theresa May’s ‘Road to Brexit’ speech, Julian Jessop, Chief Economist at the Institute of Economic Affairs said:

“The Prime Minister’s speech was the right balance of clear principles, hard facts, practical solutions, standing up to the EU, and optimism. There is a lot of work ahead and many details still to be sorted, but plenty to cheer.

The Government is right to aim for a bespoke deal with the EU that respects the result of the referendum and recognises the particular characteristic of the UK, rather than simply copy an existing model.

“The PM was also right to emphasise alternative solutions to the Irish border questions that do not involve remaining in a customs union with the EU. Regaining control of trade policy is one of the most important prizes of Brexit and the opportunity to do so must be seized.

“But there are concerns too. There is still a danger that the UK remains too closely aligned with EU regulations. The UK needs to be free to create a more open and dynamic economy, without being shackled by the EU’s ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.”

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