Trade, Development, and Immigration

Shanker Singham is quoted in the Telegraph Business

Proposals to create a series of free ports across the north of England are gathering momentum among ministers as a new report reveals that special zones could deliver a multi-billion pound boost to the economy and create tens of thousands of jobs. Seven “supercharged free ports”, offering relief from customs and import tariffs together with enterprise ... Continue reading

ITCU Advisory Council comes to the UK

The Advisory Council members of the recently launched IEA International Trade and Competition Unit will be in London and available for comment and interview from Wednesday 20th – Friday 22nd June. The group brings in a wealth of expertise in trade and competition issues from around the world. •    Sir Lockwood Smith: Former speaker of ... Continue reading
Government and Institutions

Shanker Singham writes for The Sun

Shanker Singham, Director of the IEA's International Trade and Competition Unit has written for The Sun about what to avoid and what to push for to ensure we get the best deal for Britain and for the EU. Axe customs partnership Maximum facilitation - create a border between the EU and UK which is as ... Continue reading

UK must initiate negotiations with the EU as soon as possible

The timing and sequencing of trade negotiations is a subject that does not command much attention from commentators.  Yet, many of the substantive discussions are in danger of becoming academic if this issue is not better understood. By contrast, the EU has shown a much stronger mastery of how the timing can be used to ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
Next time someone advocates a new government policy, here’s a simple test to tell whether they are serious or selling snake oil: are they willing to acknowledge the trade-offs inherent in their proposal? That might seem a banal – and low – hurdle to pass. But it has a remarkable ability to separate wheat from ... Continue reading

Shanker Singham and Rado Tylecote write for Brexit Central

Shanker Singham and Rado Tylecote have written for Brexit Central on the impact of our independent trade policy of various arrangements the UK might have with the EU. An FTA with the EU must mean no membership of a customs union, the EEA or EFTA, and freedom to negotiate all future tariff schedules with third ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
…continued from Part 2   China’s Drive for National and Global “Greatness” In the case of China, President Xi Jinping rules over a Communist Party and a political dictatorship that rejects the very notion of individual freedom and a free-market economy. China is a peculiar mix of State enterprises and private businesses (great and small) ... Continue reading

Victoria Hewson appears on BBC World

Victoria Hewson, Counsel of the IEA's International Trade and Competition Unit has appeared on BBC World to discuss post-Brexit trade and customs processes. In the interview Victoria argues that the ideal situation for the UK is a good deal with advanced customs facilitation and cooperation, and to make those transits as seamless, smooth and cost-less ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
…continued from Part 1.   Protectionism Is Planning Winners and Losers Trade-restricting policies represent forms of governmental economic planning. It is usual to think of “planning” in the classic Soviet or Nazi sense of a government directly and comprehensively owning and/or controlling the means of production and commanding their allocation and use. But the fact ... Continue reading
Economic Theory
Trade wars are dangerous and harmful policies for governments to pursue. They hurt consumers due to higher prices and fewer alternatives, they reduce competitive opportunities for producers by restricting markets, and they narrow the benefits that come from a market-based system of division of labor in which each participant tends to devote his or her ... Continue reading