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Extension of EU CE mark will only benefit British consumers


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Shadow Monetary Policy Committee quoted by The Negotiator

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Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

IEA International Trade and Competition Fellow Shanker Singham has been quoted by The Daily Brit in their piece covering the economic benefits of the EU CE extension.

The Daily Brit quoted:

“The UK’s recognition of the CE mark will ensure British consumers can continue purchasing the likes of medical devices, household appliances and manufactured goods made for the EU market. This will deliver not only expanded consumer choice but also regulatory competition, encouraging greater efficiency, driving economic growth, and making all of us richer.

“Recently, the Chancellor announced that drug approvals from trusted agencies like the FDA in the US or the EMA in Europe would receive ‘near automatic sign off’, in effect giving manufacturers a choice of where to be approved, but not requiring UK approval. This is also an extremely positive step that one would hope other countries would replicate.

“It is to be hoped that this is the beginning of more mutual recognition, but crucially if countries do not agree, the UK can act by itself to unilaterally recognise trusted partners.”

You can read the full article here.