6 thoughts on “Look to liberal Manchester, not statist Birmingham, for historic inspiration”

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    Good stuff. But where local taxes in Manchester actually lower than those in Birmingham? And where the utilities in Manchester privately owned? I was under the impression that Newcastle (not Manchester) was the city where utilities remained privately owned in the 19th century. And whilst the Liberals promised to cut local taxes in Manchester if the Act of 1835 was passed (giving the Liberals control of local government) I was under the impression that they increased local government spending and taxation.

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    were not where – tired.

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    A good, informative article. But I doubt anyone in Downing Street will read it, or would reconsider their opinions / prejudices even if they did. Popularity before prosperity, and all that.

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    … and yet Manchester gve us “The Guardian”.

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    This is rather good. Of course the privately funded and masterminded innovations pioneered by Manchester relied on very wealthy local individuals and organisations with a public spirit – always the best providers of any improvements – but without them there can be a bit of a vacuum. Our economy doesn’t really produce those any more. And Manchester is an old city, with a great tradition – Birmingham grew entirely out of the industrial revolution.

    The biggest contrasts between Manchester and Birmingham is that the towns around Manchester harboured huge mills, with thousands of employees and immensely wealthy owners, whilst Birmingham had its myriad of smaller workshop industries, multiple owners with fewer but highly skilled employees. Manchester Cloth vs. the Workshop of the World. How to get a lot of smaller businesses and people to pull together may – regrettably – involve using a central organisation, such as local government…..

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    Does Manchester ‘fancy’ Birmingham?! As a Brummie, all I know is that Manchester is obsessed with Birmingham. They must fancy us. That is all I can think!

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