2 thoughts on “Left-wing economics is no match for Alt-Right resentment”

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    Free immigration of a sizeable number of Muslims means courting disaster. A basic knowledge of Islam and the history of Muslim countries shows this, even if economists ignore it.

    Islam is not “simply” a “religion”, it is also a suprematist ideology aiming at the subjection of dhimmis. This is the doctrine taught by all ulemas and ayatollahs.

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    I like your three paths. And were they to gain momentum we could witness the start of a ‘pre-post-postism’ world (You read it here first…).

    Were you not supposed to mention the Scandinavians as examples of successful Social Democracies? The Road to Denmark and all that. Must say I have always admired the Scandinavians and their allegiance to their nation tribe, cheerfully foregoing individualism in favour of the common cause. Viewed from 35,000 ft the resulting harmony has served them well — they are dull but decent societies (To borrow from Paul Theroux’s description of Australians) if somewhat expensive. If only they played rugby union and cricket.

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