2 thoughts on “Britain’s productivity is lower than France’s or Germany’s. Is that a problem?”

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    _Rather than targeting “boosting productivity”, politicians should instead seek to tackle problems directly. If high house prices restrict labour mobility and job matching, liberalise planning laws._

    If there was a huge variation in the levels on unemployment throughout the UK, then a lack of labour mobility due to higher rents/selling prices might indeed increase aggregate wages and as a result, lower growth. (SDLT and a preference for owner occupation would have a far higher impact)

    But, seeing as that’s not the case, then trying to pin productivity levels on planning looks a little shaky.

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    I found this interesting post from Bernard Jomard article published in several countries, comparing France to Germany, to read : http://bernard-jomard.com/2016/07/31/france-and-germany-two-countries-drifting-apart/

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