8 thoughts on “Why “overthrowing capitalism” would not avert climate change”

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    Good to hear your articulate arguments. Can I take issue with the idea that companies sell people ‘what they want’? The idea that desire is not manipulated by an onslaught of branding and advertising is disingenuous. I want clean air, a temperate climate a future for all children including mine

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    Miliband was at it on Newsnight last night. When asked if people should be asked to forgo foreign holidays and so on, he replied that we did not need to ask such things of individuals. What we needed was systemic change, as if this could reduce greenhouse gas emissions without any cost to idividuals. It is nauseating to behold people peddling economic fantasy while posing as righteous crusaders.

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    CO2 follows temperature not the other way around. We are at 400ppm. It’s been 4000 ppm in an ice age. Further, most CO2 has been emitted post 1940 and between 1940-78 the temperature of the earth fell to the point where the “consensus” said we were about to enter an ice age. During the Medieval Warm Period temperature was higher than today and “nasty capitalism” wasn’t around. Proponents of anthropogenic warning have a hypothesis that doesn’t equate with geological facts. So the attitude seems to be, let’s just change the facts.

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    There’s a very good YouTube video entitled, “The Great Global Warming Swindle” which is very informative. Everyone should watch.

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    I enjoy this counter argument, however, you offer no solutions which ultimately means you also are capitalising on the same base. At least the students offer a desire for change, and maybe that change needs to be a new framework of our capitalist system built for the industrial revolution.

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    Well. changing the climate seems like a pretty tall order. I suppose if you tax enough from the people you will get a change in the climate and it won’t be pretty???

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    We have greener energy sources now. Why not use them ?
    It seems so retarded to me that people continue to pollute the planet. Regardless of whether climate change is true or false. We are still driving species to extinction whilst also messing up our own health. How many kids do we need on the spectrum to make that point clear.
    Why put such an argument into claiming that climate change isn’t due to capitalism when you could actually highlight some ways we could be aiming for a cleaner less polluted future.. If this is what your think tank comes up with then it’s a total waste and should be binned !

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    If we’re really looking at ‘extinction’ if we don’t change our ways, then we should (as intelligent greens, like James Lovelock tell us) be building lots of new ‘zero-carbon’ nuclear power plants (and developing better ones). But of course the very people bleating about the environment oppose any such move, because reasons. This simply demonstrates Kristian’s point -Extinction Rebellion and their fellow travellers don’t want to save the planet, they want to smash the system.

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