2 thoughts on “Tax measures discriminate against private landlords”

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    1. Earns money
    2. Pays tax on money
    3. Pays mortgage

    Landlord using your argument:
    1. Earns money
    2. Pays mortgage
    3. Pays tax (post-mortgage deduction)

    Now maybe I’m being really stupid but they don’t seem quite as equivalent as you seem to think they are?

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    This question seems aimed at the uninitiated.

    A correction would be:

    1. Property earns money
    2. Mortgage and other essentials are paid with that money
    3. Landlord earns income or suffers losses
    4. Landlord pays tax on income
    5. Landlord pays own expenses and housing with after tax money from profits and /or job.

    1. Owner occupier earns money in job or however that is
    2. Owner occupier pays tax on earnings
    3. Owner occupier pays for own expenses from after tax money.

    Any sensible person can see that. The changes were designed to cripple the housing market and disadvantages normal people who invested in housing as a normal investment. That ultimately hurts renters as costs must be past on. Higher costs lead to higher rents and less availability. It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye which is how they get away with it. Funnily enough though, I bet even George Osborne’s house Has been falling in value because he’s removed a pillar of the housing market. Be careful what you wish for as you just might get it.

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