Energy and Environment
The argument made by many such as George Monbiot that the protection of the environment requires the destruction of capitalism has no credibility given the relative success of socialist and market economies when it comes to the protection of environmental resources. However, even on a less dramatic level, it is remarkable how poorly designed government ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Emma Revell writes for 1828

While this may sound like a rather big claim for such a small pastry, Head of Communications Emma Revell argues that it is only by creating products such as Gregg's vegan sausage roll that customers will be able to make more environmentally-friendly choices. Writing for 1828, she argues that "if we stifle the best impulses of ... Continue reading
Innovation is a very important source of economic growth. It increases productivity and creates wealth by freeing up resources to be used for other activity and hence more output. Despite its economic importance, innovation is still not fully understood and is difficult to predict. In pre-modern societies, institutions and practices worked against innovation. Their main ... Continue reading
Whenever a government campaign, NGO or well-meaning public figure endorses lifestyle changes that can benefit the environment, there is a predictable outcry from the usual suspects. “Don’t blame everyday folks!”, they cry. “Just 100 companies are responsible for over 71% of global emissions!” While on the surface this claim stands up to factual scrutiny, digging ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment
“I don’t want you to listen to me – I want you to listen to the scientists. I want you to then unite behind the science – and take action.” These were the words spoken by Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg to the US Congress last month. At face value, they are eminently reasonable. There ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment
On 2 October 2019, the Guardian wrote to the IEA accusing us of having "a long history of climate denial", setting out a small number of historic publications, going back to 1994, which the reporter implied supported this claim, and proposed we might wish to "retract" them. This in the context of an article the ... Continue reading
When it comes to environmental problems in general and global warming in particular, I empathise with those who take the issue seriously. I like nature and I am risk averse. However, I tend to disagree with most campaigners on their policy conclusions which are frequently dangerous, at best. Greta Thunberg has become a sensation. But ... Continue reading

Emma Revell writes for Spiked!

Knee-jerk policy making is leading to worse environmental outcomes, says Emma Revell, IEA Communications Manager. Writing in Spiked!, Emma highlights the example of McDonalds who responded to public opinion on single-use plastics by replacing the 1/8 million straws used in their restaurants daily with paper alternatives, only to later admit it had replaced 100% recyclable ... Continue reading

Julian Jessop writes for The Telegraph

There is a long tradition on the negative consequences of a large population, emphasised especially in the works of Thomas Malthus. What he did not anticipate however, is the power of "human ingenuity". "Those linking population growth to climate change today are making much the same mistakes", writes Julian Jessop - an Economics Fellow at ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

Chris Snowdon quoted in The Sun

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Chris Snowdon has been quoted in an article by The Sun. “The TUC call a 30-minute workday solidarity stoppage to coincide with the global school student strike on 20 September.” Chris has said that “if we are to reduce carbon emissions we need serious policies, not empty gestures.” Another source has ... Continue reading