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Revelling in things that are non-quantifiably, hard-to-explain, valuable for their own sake is one of the great features of being human. For me, one of these things is an interest in space. Rockets, stars, impossible questions about infinity — you name it, I’m a sucker for it. Sure, there are great practical reasons to learn about all ... Continue reading

Christopher Snowdon comments on plans to expand carrier bag charges to corner shops

Commenting on the Environment Secretary's plans to double carrier bag charges and extend them to smaller shops, the IEA's Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon said: “The exemption for small shops reflected the fact that people don’t tend to take reusable bags with them when they pop into a corner shop. That was a sensible ... Continue reading

Chris Snowdon comments in The Sun

Chris Snowdon, Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs has commented in The Sun on the new DEFRA recycling strategy and the announcement that supermarkets will be forced to pay the full cost of recycling their waste. In the article Chris makes the point that this is certainly an ambitious package of ... Continue reading
Energy and Environment

IEA innovation in agriculture report features in The Times

The IEA's report Effects of Innovation in Agriculture, written by David Hill and Viscount Matt Ridley, has been featured in The Times in an article covering the report's projection for driverless tractors in the future. Robot farmers will transform agriculture within ten years in the most dramatic change to rural working life since tractors replaced ... Continue reading

David Hill writes for CapX

David Hill, co-author with Viscount Matt Ridley of the Institute of Economic Affairs’ recent publication ‘Effects of Innovation in Agriculture’, has written an article for CapX on the potential for Brexit to offer the chance to build a restoration economy. With Brexit on the horizon, Britain has an opportunity to create a Restoration Economy. We ... Continue reading
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Matt Ridley, author of the IEA's latest report, writes for The Spectator

Viscount Ridley, co-author with David Hill of the Institute of Economic Affairs' recent publication 'Effects of Innovation in Agriculture', has written an article for The Spectator on the potential for post-Brexit agricultural innovation. Agriculture is being transformed by innovation at a rapid pace. Genetically modified crops are being grown on 190 million hectares worldwide, with ... Continue reading
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Should a carbon tax, levied on the carbon content of fuels, be part of plans to combat global warming? Philip Booth, the IEA’s Senior Academic Fellow, says YES Almost every economics undergraduate is taught that if the marginal social cost of an economic activity exceeds the marginal private cost there should be a Pigouvian tax ... Continue reading

IEA releases report on innovation in agriculture

Britain’s agricultural productivity has stagnated at a time when the world needs to double food production to keep up with the growth of the population, according to a new IEA report.  Two papers, written by Matt Ridley and David Hill, set out how innovation in farming can lead to higher crop yields, while also releasing land ... Continue reading

UK must embrace innovation to make farming economically & environmentally viable, says new IEA report

Innovation in farming has led to higher crop yields which, in turn, have allowed more land to be spared from farming than would otherwise have been the case. Raising yields further to feed a growing global population will require new technologies to be embraced, including genetic modification, gene silencing and editing, as well as developments ... Continue reading
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Andy Meyer has been quoted by City A.M.

Andy Mayer, Chief Operating Officer for the Institute of Economic Affairs, has been quoted by City A.M. in a piece about the new plastic tax mentioned by Phillip Hammond in the 2018 Budget announcement. Andy said; “We await the detail on the plastics tax later this year, however it is going to be very difficult for ... Continue reading