3 thoughts on “Who could be opposed to meritocracy? Me, that’s who”

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    The only thing the State really needs to do is uphold and defend property rights.

    If those rights are based on sound principals, then there will be a fair distribution of income and wealth, and the market will operate efficiently.

    If those rights are unjust, there will be excessive inequality and economic dysfunction. Making the need for a large and overweening State apparatus in order to mitigate the symptoms inevitable.

    I would suggest to the author he questions his fundamental ideology regarding property rights, as they do not make men free, or markets efficient. They also make Socialism a reality rather than a footnote in history.

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    “Taken to extremes, the meritocratic ideal would mean an active government ensuring that nobody engages in altruistic behaviour to help or give advantage to others.”

    That straw man is not only maimed, it is slaughtered, burned, and quite possibly buggered.

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    I read the article and the authors understanding of meritocracy. Then I read the authors work and studies bio.

    Clearly we don’t live in a meritocracy…

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