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    yes, this is similar to their claim last year that China had, regrettably become much more unequal since everybody was starving under Mao. Oddly, though, their graph stopped at 2008. I won’t bother to waste any more time explaining why. Sadly the reason is obvious. This was part of a huge report that got a lot of publicity.

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    It’s also disingenuous in that most of the figures for the developed world are very similar, and since that the underlying data is neither that accurate nor 100% comparable, the figures are basically all the same.

    What the report should say is that the developed world has remarkably similar distributions of income.

    But where’s the fun in that?

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    It doesn’t really matter if the UK is more or less unequal compared to other Countries. It only matters if inequality here is excessive. Which it is and can be empirically shown to be the case.

    The precise amount of compensation we owe the community is the rental value of land we exclude others from using (and some other Pigouvian taxes on externalities).

    While in the UK, the top 1% pay around 18% of total taxes, they own a far greater proportion of land by value. Thus under a fair and efficient tax system that no longer taxes wealth creation and used land rents as the major source of public revenues instead their tax liabilities would rise significantly.

    Both wealth and income inequality in the UK would be reduced to a level that is no longer excessive and we’d all enjoy a greater stock of wealth over all. A win-win.

    Only economic parasites and Socialists control freaks gain from our present arrangement. A gruesome symbiosis if ever their was one.

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    Oxfam is a charitable NGO. It no doubt has a governing document it must follow and laws and government rules to follow.

    There is little doubt in my mind that it ignores any requirements for honesty in all of those.

    If we on the right were not as cheap and lazy as we are we’d unleash the legal hounds on Oxfam and its officers, demonstrate, boycott and use all the techniques the left uses to beat us, time after time

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    Who can you trust these days? Great analysis Chris.

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