3 thoughts on “Want to get faith schools out of the state sector? Then you should back an education voucher system”

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    of course, the free schools model provides them with an opportunity to set up what they might regard as a show-case school based on a secular morality. We await the first humanist free school.

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    The case for vouchers has been long and persuasively argued as it is again here. Allowing a free market and parental choice to operate in education should be the aim of any Conservative Government. So why is it not so.

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    Excellent points. but its worth noting that proponents of voucher systems in the USA are criticized by those who say vouchers would break the constitutional separation of church and state. That’s because in the US all state-funded schools are secular, so vouchers would allow tax dollars to flow to religious schools. I don’t think it’s a good argument in the USA, and should not apply in the UK where vouchers would, as you say, make the flow less state-directed. But it just shows the arguments people come up with to oppose vouchers.

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