2 thoughts on “From aspiration to the cost of living, politicians of all stripes have forgotten their roots”

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    Another argument against high pay regulation is that pay (like all prices) sends signals. Let’s say an elite footballer (or business exec) was going to give away everything they earned over £80K a year but that this person wanted to go to where they would add most social value (so pull self-interest out of the equation). The level of pay that Chelsea will pay relative to the level that Tranmere will pay reflects the value to the two clubs. This is not just a question of affordability. The TV exposure etc etc is reflected in the TV revenues and what the club will pay for a player and, in turn that reflects the number of people who will watch the player play for Chelsea as compared with Tranmere and the value they get from watching him (indicated by the sky subscriptions). There may be other considerations too, but if the player were operating solely in the commercial sector and wanted to maximise his value to society, he should play for Chelsea.

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    Hi Madeline,
    I agree with you, more millionaire’s and billionaires the better. I work for a Indian billionaire owned business and get payed well with good terms and conditions, if he were over taxed or his business, myself and fellow workers would be out of work I’m sure. I do believe in controlling immigration, a country is like a company, if a company allowed anyone through the gate and tried to accommodate their skills, pay for idle hours , house them, free medicare, free educate , and let them out bid the regular workers
    pay, it would be backrupt very soon, which is what’s happening to Britain.

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