1 thought on “The Brexit ‘divorce’ bill: let’s be reasonable – but not too generous”

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    The UK has never achieved anything EU negotiations by making a ‘good-will gesture’. The EU has always simply pocketed the concession and restated its original demands. Tony Blair for example made a good-will gesture by giving up half the UK budget rebate in return for the promise of a review of Common Agriculture Policy spending. That later review concluded their was nothing wrong with the CAP so Blair failed to reduced CAP waste. The structure of the Brexit negotiations is similarly split between a first phase where the UK is expected to concede what the EU wants and a 2nd phase where the EU will discuss topic such the UK is interested in. The very fact the EU has insisted on two phases of talks is strong evidence that goodwill gestures from the UK in the first phase of talks will not yield anything in return and the 2nd phase of talks is merely a carrot to encourage the Uk is making early concessions in a bid to chase a will o’ the wisp trade deal that will never transpire. 45 years of EU membership should have thought us not to be so naive.

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