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    Kris, I am not sure that you are correct about this.

    For some European programmes states (whether in the EU or not) simply co-operate to mutual advantage. An example of this is the air traffic agreement you cite.

    The ‘single market’, however, is rather different since it involves signing up to something over which only the EU – and no other party – has control. The EU would set external tariffs, would be responsible for third party trade agreements. etc. – the UK would have precisely no say.

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    Nope. You’re describing the Customs Union, not the Single Market. They are separable. Norway, Iceland & Liechtenstein can an do conclude their own trade agreements.

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    America, Russia, China, Australia, Japan and many other nations trade with the EU, without having a specific trade deal with the EU, and without being part of the single market, or Customs union. I would like that sort of “clean Brexit”, so we can very quickly sign free trade deals with the 36 nations (6 of which are in the world’s top 10 biggest economies) which comprise 5 billion consumers and a combined GDP 4 times greater than the EU’s, without having to hand over a shred of our democratic sovereignty.

    Looking forward over the next 40 years, the UK will definitely be better off as an independendent, self governing nation whilst creating a free trade area 4 times more valuable than the EU, than staying in a protectionist block and paying a fortune in membership fees and sovereign democratic loss, in order to remain a member.

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    “We did not vote for any particular kind of Brexit.”

    Yes, we did. Both sides repeatedly stated before the vote that a vote to leave would be a vote to leave the Single Market. Remain often lied in implying that leaving the single market would mean losing all access to the single market. They have repeatedly lied since that they ever stated that we voted to leave the single market. They claimed falsely that we only voted to leave the EU and not leave the single market, when that is implicitly what we voted for by voting leave after being told repeatedly by both sides that leaving meant no longer being a member of the single market. They lied repeatedly before the vote, about the immediate and instant economic collapse (deep recession, millions of jobs lost, Calais refugee camp moving to Kent etc…) and then changed their lies after the vote to keep lying, (we never voted to leave the single market) to try to stop the will of the people being implemented. The disgusting extremist behaviour of the remainers shames our democracy. We need to have a baseline of WTO access to the single market without membership, and full control of our laws, solely judged by British Judges in British courts under UK law, and if we can negotiate better access, with reduced or zero tariffs to the Single Market, without ANY oversight by the European Court of Justice, then that would be a bonus. Bottom line is that the EU courts must no longer have any say whatsoever over UK institutions or people.

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    No mention of the European Medicines Agency? Currently based in London but now looking for a new home. Norway is a member, but Switzerland isn’t. What we do will be hugely important in terms of drug approvals and access to new medicines in the UK.

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    But once you are on the outside, you can pick and choose the bits that you like, **provided the other members accept you**, and provided you pay your share of the programme costs.

    Yes, provided that the other members accept you. See? Provided that the other members accept you.

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