4 thoughts on “Socialism – not oil prices – is to blame for Venezuela’s woes”

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    Has anyone ever considered that the reason that Socialism doesn’t work (I don’t actually agree with that statement, but won’t go into that for now) is because of money. Perhaps with the abolition of money it could work. After all, money is easy to horde and it takes on a meaning and life of its own where people chase the money itself, rather than using it as a means to make trade easier, which is something that it was never meant to be.

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    God damn it who wrote that comment? It’s meant to be hoard not horde…

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    A friend of mine posted a response to this article yesterday and I don’t see it today. Come to think of it, the only responses I ever see on here agree with the author. Have you ever thought that you lot are living in an echo chamber?

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    @Johna Thon Ludlow – the accusation that any one group of people are living in an echo chamber can be applied across the board. Is a reader of the Guardian who accuses a reader of the Telegraph of living in an echo chamber any different? Or a regular reader of the Momentum website who accuses a regular reader of the IEA website? Unfortunately most people tend to confine themselves to literature which supports views they already hold. I do agree with you that all sides need to be more open to listening to the theories and views from the alternative. However that both sides are as guilty of that accusation as the other.

    If the IEA has removed a response to this article (which I find it hard to believe as there are plenty of alternative comments on this website) then it should be reinstated asap as I’d love to read a persuasive article as to the reasons for the volte-face by the Left in relation to Venezuela.

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