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Sin taxes must be cut to ameliorate rising living costs


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Andy Mayer quoted in The Times

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Victoria Hewson comments for the Daily Express

Sam Collins comments for the Daily Express

Sam Collins, IEA Senior Advisor to the Director General, has commented for the Daily Express on the need to cut lifestyle taxes to soften the blow of rising living costs.

“For example, while the removal of the Universal Credit uplift meant that the poorest were £1,040 worse off, the amount the average family in the poorest 20 percent pays in ‘sin taxes’, such as on tobacco and alcohol, was £1,300.”

“An average [smoking and drinking] family pays £192 per annum in green levies, £891 in tobacco levies, £216 in alcohol duty and £655 on fuel duty. If we were to abolish green levies and halve the rest, the average family would be £1,073 better off per year.”

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