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Christopher Snowdon appears on GB News

IEA Head of Lifestyle Economics Christopher Snowdon has appeared on GB News criticising proposals for stricter limits on gambling for 18-24 year olds.

Christopher said:

“I think there are two very worrying things about [new gambling regulations]…one is the idea that we’re going to give special rules for people between 18 and 24, because essentially we don’t think they should be trusted, they’re apprentice adults, they’re junior adults, they’re not old enough to make up their own mind.

“Although, they are old enough to do everything else, they’re old enough to have a sex change,  they’re old enough to vote, they’re old enough to join the army, and so on, but they’re not old enough to know how much they want to put into an online slot machine.”

Watch Christopher’s full appearance here (1:10:26).