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Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

Andy Mayer writes for The Telegraph

IEA Energy Analyst Andy Mayer has written for The Telegraph on the potential for arbitrary net zero targets and unrealistic promises to threaten UK energy security and international investment.

Commenting on the possibility of grand renewable projects being enacted, Andy wrote:

“We cannot, for example, just materialise thousands of functioning gigafactories for batteries tomorrow – let alone supply them with materials, staff them, and deploy the product on unprepared grids. Nor are there the necessary heat pumps in homes or the powertrains of unbuilt factories for electric transport. We seem to lack the political will to build any of the infrastructure to make our Net Zero ambitions feasible: just look at the charging stations required to keep electric vehicles on the road. Further, it will hardly be straightforward to do this across a planet of competing nation states all attempting the same thing simultaneously.”

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