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‘DeSantism’ coming to a town near you


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Andy Mayer writes for The Telegraph

Mark Littlewood writes for The Times

IEA Director General Mark Littlewood has written his fortnightly column for The Times on the philosophy of Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis. Mark argues that DeSantis’ signature blend of economic liberalism and cultural conservatism could prove to be a popular mould for conservatives around the globe.

Commenting on the Governor’s controversial approach to ‘wokeism’, Mark wrote:

“DeSantis has prosecuted a “war on woke”. Florida, its governor proudly declares, is where “woke goes to die”. This has led to an enormous battle with the Walt Disney Company over the question of what constitutes acceptable teaching of issues around gender and sexuality in the classroom. Disney takes what in American terms would be called a “liberal” position; DeSantis resents its engagement in political campaigning and is seeking to rescind the special tax status awarded to Disney when it initially set up shop in Orlando.

“More traditional free marketeers might lean to the view that contractual agreements about tax should be honoured and that private institutions are free to say what they want… In this area, he is not laissez-faire but is redrawing the boundaries of where he thinks political debate lies. Conservatism in many other parts of the western world is tilting in a similar direction.”

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