1 thought on “Is Brexit a threat or an opportunity for UK higher education? (Part 2)”

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    History will record the Brexit year and fiasco very unkindly. Economically it will be a disaster, anyone believing that China and SE Asia are awaiting us with open arms and will freely trade with us will be in for a big disappointment. China, SE Asia and the Pacific Rim will in a few years become the centre of world economic activity, this bloc/club will control more than half of all world economic activity. The entrance fees to this club will be stiff.
    On the strategic and human level, it will cause Britain’s isolation from her natural home, Europe, and a great deal of animosity towards her from Continental Europe. This is inevitable as people will adopt the attitude, “you did not want us so we do not want you”

    The future generation will regret this whole affair and recognize the mistake made by nationalists and isolationists who were successful in poisoning the minds of many people, young and old, who knew not what they were voting for.

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